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Friday, May 20, 2011

SLAM!! Bibi Diplomatically "Slaps" Obama During White House Press Op

It was a stunning tableau, a President of the United States sitting back and glaring while the Prime Minister of Israel pushed back against the words made by the POTUS yesterday.  Both parties made their presentations in friendly diplomatic words, but Netanyahu gave the President a "friendly" dressing down, his words were instructive and firm. You could tell by the body language that Bibi was letting the President know that he was not going to give in, and Obama was very angry.

Once introduced by the President, Netanyahu  took the meeting over. Hereminded the President that Israel too, desperately wants peace and he personally wants peace, but any negotiated peace has to endure. "We both believe that a peace based on allusions will crash on the rocks of Middle East Reality....The only peace that will endure is ones that are based on reality...unshakable facts."

The Prime Minister proceeded to give the President a dose of reality, and the President gave the PM a dose of his unhappy glare.  ...For there to be peace the Palestinians (and Obama) will have to accept some basic realities. Two of the three realities outline by Netanyahu were in direct conflict with what Obama said yesterday.
  • Israel cannot return to the 1967 lines because they are indefensible, and he reminded the POTUS that those old boundries led to war many times before.
  • Agreeing with the president, he reminded him that Israel cannot be expected to negotiate with the Palestinian version of al Qaeda.
  • He reminded Obama that the 1948 attack on Israel resulted in two refugee problems, a Palestinian problem and a Jewish one.  Tiny Israel absorbed the Jewish refugees, the Arabs refused to absorb the Palestinian ones.  Any "right of return" must be implemented within the borders of a Palestinian State.
Netanyahu was firm, he told the President that its time to definitively tell the Palestinians that "It's not going to happen. Everybody knows it's not going to happen," he said. While the refugees need a place to live, he said, "It's not going to be resolved within the Jewish state."

He followed with a statesman-like reminder of the Jewish quest to reestablish a state of their own in the Holy Land and ended with  "History is not going to give us another chance."

We’ve been around for almost 4,000 years. We have experienced struggle and suffering like no other people. We’ve gone through expulsions and pogroms and massacres and the murder of millions.
But I can say that even at the dearth of — even at the nadir of the valley of death, we never lost hope and we never lost our dream of re-establishing a sovereign state in our ancient homeland, the land of Israel. And now it falls on my shoulders as the prime minister of Israel at a time of extraordinary instability and uncertainty in the Middle East to work with you to fashion a peace that will ensure Israel’s security and will not jeopardize its survival.
I take this responsibility with pride but with great humility, because, as I told you in our conversation, we don’t have a lot of margin for error and because, Mr. President, history will not give the Jewish people another chance.

I think Obama got his answer and it was vintage Netanyahu.

Normally I would object to a foreign to School the President of the United States, but in this case it was justified.  This happened in response to President Obama throwing Israel under the bus. And unilaterally ripping up an agreement made between Israel and the United States. What made it even worse was that Obama's people had just assured the Israeli leader that the 1967 borders would not be brought up during the speech. Keeping that in mind perhaps Bibi was a little too soft on the POTUS.

The video of Netanyahu's words are below.

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    M. Bouffant said...

    Why haven't you moved to Israel yet? Wouldn't you be much happier living in a nation you seem to love more than your own country?

    Unknown said...

    So that's it? If I criticize the POTUS I don't love my country? Typical Progressive, instead of telling me why you disagree with me, you call me names.


    Lambert said...

    Sadly, the President appears to be way in over his head.

    Unknown said...

    Hey Progressives, thanks for all of the comments, sadly because most of them are anonymous I cant publish them (If your blogger profile does not have an email or a link to your own blog they are still anonymous).
    That said I understand your position that as the President's Guest, Netanyahu should not have been as strong. I guess that is why when Obama goes overseas he does not trash the host country but the United States.

    But if a "Guest" leader should not trash the host country, why did the Mexican President get a standing ovation from the Democratic caucus when he trashed Arizona during a joint session of congress?

    Esther said...

    Isn't it time to hold pseudo-Jewish Joshua Marshall of Talking Points Memo accountable for the anti-Semitism of his lead columnist?

    TPM has recently been accorded respectful treatment by the mainstream media as a legitimate news organization. In reality, it is a cesspool of Jew hatred.

    Hope you consider pursuing this matter, Jeff, because the all-out push to marginalize American Jews as traitors is now fully underway.

    See Bouffant, M.

    Here is the latest Rosenberg sewage on TPM. Note that we are no longer "Jews"...we are now "Israel Firsters". Nicer than "kike", I guess, but the concept is the same:

    3rdman said...

    Great article. The are plenty of us non progressive Americans that will always stand with Israel.

    M. Bouffant,

    You probably think the U.S. should returned the pre Mexican American War boarders too! Better yet let just all get on ships and return to Europe. Not going to happen just like Israel is not going to go back to the pre 1967 boarders.