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Friday, June 3, 2011

Reporting of Truth Behind Andrew Breitbart's Weinergate Coverage Proves Liberal Reporter Tommy Christopher's a Mench

At times there is a natural mistrust between conservatives and liberals. I am not talking about the difference in policy, that is to be expected, its more like a mistrust of their motivations.  Each at times believes that everything the other side does is a lie. This especially applies to the people involved in blogging and other journalistic related-activities.

IMHO there is one exception to this, Tommy Christopher of Mediaite.

Tommy is the guy who once tweeted his own heart attack (no kidding). While being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance he tweeted:

I have only met him a few times, but I consider him one of my blogging buddies. Yes, Tommy is of those "crazy" liberals. True I disagree with much of his politics.  But when it comes to his reporting,  Tommy chases the truth and doesn't care who is involved.   Yes at times he is biased (to my eyes), but that bias comes out when he offers commentary, he does not twist the facts. 

Today, once again Tommy proved that he is a "mench."  In a published Mediaite report, he proved that Andrew Breitbart double checked the evidenced he received before he broke the Weinergate story.  And in fact he did not run Weinergate evidence which could not be proven. The evidence Breitbart didn't run turned out to be fake (no surprise to me as I have been writing for the Breitbart sites for over a year).

For those not familiar with the history of the two, at CPAC 2009 Tommy and Andrew had a very public feud:

Their previous feud did not prevent Tommy from reporting the truth about Breibart's Weinergate story.

But that is only part of the story. Tommy uses the story to take down the Daily Kos' powerful leader Markos Moulitsas for refusing to protect the identities of under-aged girls involved in the story. You see more than "liberal," and more than "reporter," the title Tommy values most in life is the title of Dad.  This is not the first time he has gone after other media figures for their treatment of kids (he was all over Wonkette for the sites parody of Sarah Palin's child Trig). And it is not the first time he has gone after liberal media. He lost his job at AOL for Objecting to Playboy's call for the rape of ten conservative  women.  His sense of what is morally right or wrong trumps his politics something too unusual in this business.

This is a rare kind of post for me as I try to promote stories and not waste your time talking about the people who write them. But this is a special case, and Tommy Christopher's write up of the reporting behind the Anthony Weiner scandal is a special article. Please  click on the link below and read Tommy's full story.  Andrew Breitbart Did Not Run ‘Weinergate’ Evidence Which Turned Out To Be Fake.

And while you are there tell him Great Job because he deserves it.

Chazak u'Baruch Tommy!    Strength and Blessing!
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