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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Martin Bashir-World Record-Breaking Idiot!

For those of you who thought that Joy Behar was the biggest idiot on TV her record for feebleness on a live broadcast is about to be surpassed by MSNBC's Martin Bashir.

Bashir is already a record holder in recognition of his yellow journalism piece on Michael Jackson which many people believe sent the singer into the depression that ended up with the "king of pop's" death.

According to Dieter Wiesner, Jackson's manager at the time, the Bashir interview sent the singer down the path that lead to his death.

Having won in the journalistic narcissism category, Bashir is now trying to cinch the drooling idiot class.

Yesterday he editorialized that Sarah Palin's use of the Stars and Stripes on the bus bringing her message to the people was illegal!

In fact, the whole thing could be in breach of a federal law because the United States Flag Code establishes important rules for the use and display of the stars and stripes, the flag of the United States. Under standards of respect and etiquette, it’s made clear that the flag of the United States should never be used for any advertising purpose whatsoever. Yet that’s precisely what Sarah Palin is doing. She’s using the flag of the United States for her own financial purposes. She drapes herself in the stars and stripes and makes millions of dollars in the process. This has got nothing to do with the presidency and everything to do with filling her pockets. And by raising her profile, she raises her income. It is as simple as that.
(If you cannot see three videos in this post please click here to view them)

No seriously, this guy means it.

Forget for a moment the reasons for Palin's bus trip. Even forget for the fact that there is nothing wrong with a former governor and vice presidential candidate making a living, or that the bus doesn't really abuse the American Flag.
If Bashir is correct anybody that uses Old Glory in the quest of commerce should be arrested.  That includes when Coors Light reduces prices for July 4th Celebrations, or when news networks decorate their Election Night sets with American Flags, like the Network below did for the 2010 Elections. Granted it is a network with a very small audience, but MSNBC should be prosecuted way before Sarah Palin

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UPDATE: Reason TV Agrees


Libertarian Advocate said...

I thought I might post on this story too, but decided that to give Bashir any free "press" could only work to his advantage under the theory that there is no such thing as bad publicity IMO, he's the human equivalent of aggressive E. Coli bacteria.

adagioforstrings said...

I believe Palin referred to Bashir as a goof on Hannity last night & pointed out that MSNBC frequently uses the US flag in their advertising.