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Monday, July 25, 2011

Progressive Media Does a Hit Job On Pamela Geller -Atlas Shrugs

As many of you know, Pamela Geller editor of Atlas Shrugs is a friend of mine. I call her the "BlogMother" kind of like the Godfather but she only "Whacks" Dhimmis and Terrorists.  When I was getting into the blog world, Pamela was one of the people who helped me, gave me advice and even protected me when I was attacked.

There are people in the world who see a wrong in the world, give a quick "oh that's Sad" and get on with their lives. Then their are people who see a wrong and go all out to right it. Pamela that second kind of person. Her heart is the size of a skyscraper. She will grab a wrong by the neck and and do whatever she can to eradicate the evil.

When honor killing victim, Aqsa Parvez, was buried without a tombstone Pamela raised money for Aqsa to have a memorial.That is what Pamela is all about protecting those who have no protection. That is what is behind her work against Jihad in America.

Today another friend Donald Douglass of American Power Blog was alerted to the fact the Progressive media is trying to place blame for last week's disgusting Oslo terrorist act on Pamela and other conservative bloggers. Along with the New York Times and Slate a Donald lists a host of progressive bloggers who are all tied up in their briefs running to place blame on Geller for the terrorist attack.

The assumption is ridiculous, as Pamela told the Daily Caller

“It’s like equating Charles Manson, who heard in the lyrics of Helter Skelter a calling for the Manson murders,” Geller said in an exclusive phone interview. “It’s like blaming the Beatles. It’s patently ridiculous.”

In the manifesto, Breivik cites Geller and other anti-Jihadists as sources for his inspiration. The appearance earned Geller and company a lashing at the hands of The New York Times and many other mainstream media outlets. Reporters have scoured Breivik’s writings, in his manifesto and elsewhere, looking for a connection to anti-jihad activists like Geller.
 I will add this.  Last night I had the displeasure of watching the sick video made by the animal who made the attacks in Oslo last week, he quoted Barack Obama and CNN amongst others (including Dracula's Father).  Blaming the Pamela for what happened is just as stupid as blaming  Obama, CNN or Dracula's Dad.
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AmPowerBlog said...


I linked you in an update on Pamela!!

Zilla said...

Well said! Pamela has a great big beautiful heart and she has been a friend to me as well. That's why I started Operation United Front to show her that she has a whole bunch of support from all kinds of people.
Please let me know if you would like Yid With Lid to be added to the growing Roll Call list. I promise you that you will be in good company.

excustody said...

We MUST understand that just like the Jihadists in the U.K., the Media and the progressives will not stop and must be stood up to as the bullies and antagonists that they are. This is not a time for backing down or being "nice". The left will only see that as a sign of weakness & will continue down the path of hate and destruction. STAND TOUGH!
Cudos Pamela!!!