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Friday, July 22, 2011

PROVEN! Congressman Gary Ackerman Has Proof That Global Warming is REAL!

Whew! That solves that. The debate is now over.  Congressman Gary Ackerman (D-NY) has proved that Global Warming is real! During a meeting of the House Foreign Affairs committee the Long Island liberal launched into a speech blasting the de-funding of the  global climate change initiative. Apparently the majority of the committee feel that man-made global warming is not real, citing the wealth of information such as the fact that temperatures have actually gone down in recent years, the fact that the famous hockey stick has been proven to be bogus, and the fact that during the medieval period, long before the industrial revolution temperatures were higher than they are today.

But that doesn't deter Ackerman, as you can see in the video below, he has proof that global warming is real, when he goes outside his glasses fog up, with the thousands of scientists working on the climate change issue why didn't they thing of that incredible test?

(if you cannot see video below click here)

Of course there is one flaw in Ackerman's new Global climate change theory, his glasses could also be fogging up because his head is usually deep up the President's arse.

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jakee308 said...

This just shows that there should be an I.Q. or some type of intelligence test for candidates for Government office.

Thers said...

Here is what Ackerman says:

I'm not going to cite the anecdotal evidence, you just walk out on the street and your glasses fog up.

You have clearly not represented his statement accurately.

Willie Stoker said...

He should confer with Congressman Hank Johnson from Georgia, the guy that asked the Admiral if Guam would tip over and submerge if they put too many military personal on the Island. They seem to be on the same intellectual level.

TooMuchTime said...

He's right. It is about religion vs. science. The global warming religion vs. the scientific truth that HUMANS are not causing the planet to warm or to make the climate change.