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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rest in Peace Jane Jamison My CPAC Buddy

For those who haven't noticed, the right hand column of this blog is an RSS reader showing the latest post of my favorite blogs.  Tonight as I was going to close down for the night this headline from The Other McCain leaped out at me Jane Jamison, R.I.P., Right Wing News had one too Jane Jamison From Uncoverage Has Passed Away

Jane passed away Saturday--a total shock to me.  Jane (not her real name) lived in suburban San Fransisco and needed to use the pseudonym because being a conservative pundit and a successful lawyer in "the people's republic of San Fransisco" were not compatible.
I first met Jane at CPAC 2009. We were stuck on the line for people who "weren't on the list." We immediately struck up a friendship while the CPAC folks were trying to work out our blogger papers. We spent most of the next few days sitting together in the  bloggers lounge.

It was hard not to be friends with Jane she radiated a warmth that was unique, even at a setting like CPAC where people who have had internet contact with each other were anxious to put the faces with the emails. Jane was different she was the one who walked around the bloggers lounge asking everyone if they needed anything (she had no responsibility but really cared).

From my short time with Jane, she showed a passion for almost everything she did. I still remember how excited she was when she found out Donald Trump was coming to CPAC, she even wrangled a meeting with Trump. 

Now she is gone, apparently she had been ill but she never showed it

Goodbye Friend, you touched our lives and made us better. May you rest in peace. 
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Dan Collins said...

I never got to meet her, but the work she did over there was outstanding. In some ways, she reminds me a lot of Nice Deb.

I linked her a few times, but mostly I read her in RSS and tweeted her stuff. I read her last week, and her voice seemed one of the most alive things in the sphere.

Bon voyage, Jane, and thanks.

Marathon Pundit said...

Very sad.

Cabinet Guy said...

As FaceBook friends we tag team raided a few blogs trying to give a hand to Patrick Hughes against Kirk in the Illinois primaries. She was so much fun, and her cutting whit kept me in stitches. RIP

Dyann said...

I will miss you "Jane"... a class act and always had me in stitches with your not so subtle, sly humour. I'm leaving your f/b page up to remind me, for as long as it's allowed to stay open. Condolences to her family and real life friends. She was admired.

Joey Porter said...

I just found out today on 9-22-11 and I am saddened. I never met Jane in person but we chatted on Facebook for three years. She was a real Facebook "Friend" We both started blogging at about the same time. In fact I wished her a happy blogoversery. On my birthday she posted "Happy Birthday Patriot" on my home page. Coming from Jane that was a real compliment. I plan on doing a tribute to her on my little blog soon. Jane definitely is sitting at Tea Party Table in Heaven.