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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The American Jewish Committee's Motto "Shhh Don't Upset the Goyim"

The American Jewish Committee should have a mission statement saying that whenever and where ever Jews are in trouble, they will act by putting its head in the sand and pray that the non-Jews don't hurt them. They did it during the Holocaust, they did it during the first twenty years of Israel's existence and they did it again yesterday with this press release:
AJC criticized a full-page ad, headlined "Tell President Obama: Enough. It's time to stand with Israel," in today's New York Times. The ad was sponsored by a group called Emergency Committee for Israel.

"Let me be absolutely clear, AJC is a strictly non-partisan advocacy organization," said AJC Executive Director David Harris. "But we cannot be silent. This ad is highly objectionable, indeed counter-productive, to its stated aim of supporting Israel. As the UN session begins and high diplomatic drama is expected, to choose this moment to assail the Obama administration, when it laudably has announced its intention, come what may, to block Palestinian ambitions in the Security Council and work against a Palestinian-initiated resolution in the General Assembly, makes us wonder what are the true goals of the sponsoring group."
 The Ad in question criticizes President Obama's one-sided anti-Israel policies (read the text here)

It is interesting that the AJC chose to interject itself into a "conversation that it wasn't invited into."

Their contention was that they are non political and every Jewish organization should be. It reads like the warning Jews used to make in times of Antisemitism, "Shhhh! Don't upset the Goyim (non-Jews).

In fact that is a phrase the AJC has lived by.

When Jews were dying at the hands of the Nazi' the AJC discouraged open talk of the Holocaust, afraid that if Jews spoke out it would create a backlash lead to heightened anti-Semitism in the U.S. (Cohen, Naomi Wiener. Not Free to Desist: The American Jewish Committee, 1906-1966 (1972), a standard history).

From 1949 to the Six-Day-War in 1967, the AJC described theme selves as "non-Zionist" afraid that support of the Jewish State would create charges of dual loyalty in the United States.

The AJC has never been non-political, they prefer to be non-verbal with their heads in the sand.  Where was the AJC three years ago when, in a blatant political move leaders of major Jewish organizations dis-invited Sarah Palin from a rally. Where was the AJC when President Obama took it upon himself to decide who represented the Jewish people by inviting George Soros' anti Israel group J-street to Presidential meetings while dis-inviting the more conservative Zionist Organization of America.

Israel is at a crucial point in her history, she is surrounded by terrorists who are appeased by most of the world, and her historic friendship with Israel is being thrown into question by a President who because of incompetence or intention is throwing the Jewish state to the woods, and where was the AJC?

I will tell you where they were. The AJC was where it always is when it is time to stick its neck out for the Jewish people, they were in the back whispering "Shhh Don't Upset the Goyim."
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