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Monday, October 10, 2011

Global Warming Update: Britain Faces Mini-Ice Age, Ice Cap Having Major Growth Spurt

Poor Al Gore, just when he was trying to become more relevant with a 24 hour global warming filibuster on his Current TV, more bad news about global warming is released.  Great Britain, which just went through two record cold winters is in store for some more.  Scientists are predicting that Britain may be facing a mini-ice age that may last for decades.

It's partly the fault of the La Nina weather pattern, and for those living here in the US,  La Nina is also linked to extreme winter weather in America, so people on both sides of the "pond" should be purchasing warm clothes before the season starts.

The real cause for this prediction is the Sun. It has been emitting few ultra violet rays (not that you would know by looking at Snooki).

The Ice Age prediction comes from Britain's Met Office. They indicate that nation could be facing a repeat of the “little ice age” that gripped the country 300 years ago, causing decades of harsh winters.
The prediction, to be published in Nature magazine, is based on observations of a slight fall in the sun’s emissions of ultraviolet radiation, which may, over a long period, trigger Arctic conditions for many years.

Although a connection between La Nina and conditions in Europe is scientifically uncertain, ministers have warned transport organisations and emergency services not to take any chances. Forecasts suggest the country could be shivering in a big freeze as severe and sustained as last winter from as early as the end of this month.
The British news is not the only climate forecast that will "bum-out" the former VP's second chakra, the news about the arctic ice cap may be just as depressing.

So far it has been very cold in the arctic this fall, in fact it has been coldest autumn the arctic has seen in over a decade.  Because of this cold the arctic has added a Manhattan-sized chunk of ice to the ice cap every 30 Seconds For The Last 30 Days (the data can be found at Real-Science by clicking here). For those of you who live in the mid-west part of the United States and were praying for water-front property, sadly you will have to move to a coast because the coast isn't coming to you.

As our President, the EPA and many other progressives work to slow down the economy with crippling regulations to reduce "greenhouse gasses," it seems that mother earth does not want to cooperate.  Its time for the global warming Hoaxers wake up and smell the snowstorm, their climate change theory does not work when you move away from computer models and look out the window.

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