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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Anti-Semitic/Anti-Israel Origins Of Occupy Wall Street Are Ignored By The Media

Sometimes it seems as if every time someone in the Tea Party breathes the mainstream press finds a way to label it as racist or promoting violence. Yet all of the anti-Semitic posters, chants and comments as well as the ones demonizing Israel made by the Occupy Wall Street protesters are virtually ignored my the media. Making matters worse, the media has been negligent in performing its investigative duties because with just a little research they would discover that the Antisemitism may be a symptom of the fact that there are virulent Jew-haters and Israel-bashers in the ranks of OWS's founding "fathers."

Take Adbusters for example.  In a post dated June 9, 2011 Adbusters issued the original Occupy Wall Street ‘call to arms’.
When it comes time to discuss Israel, Adbusters finds a way to describe the Jewish State in the most offensive of terms. While not specifically mentioning Jews, Adbusters substitutes other terms to make false and border-line anti-Semitic comments, or trying to set up the Jews/Israel as the scapegoat for America's problems.

  • From an article called Revolution in America: Not content with stripping us as citizens of our sovereignty, our corporate-backed rulers have instituted a foreign policy that delights in permanent war and international instability. From cynically squandering billions of dollars of taxpayer money each year in gifts to the apartheid state of Israel 
  • In an article called Enough Boycott Israel, Adbusters re-engineers the old "Blood Libel" by talking about a "bloody occupation" and aparthied with no mention of the terrorism coming out of Gaza which Israel withdrew from in 2005: "It's time. Long past time. The best strategy to end the increasingly bloody occupation is for Israel to become the target of the kind of global movement that put an end to apartheid in South Africa... Every day that Israel pounds Gaza brings more converts to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions cause - even among Israeli Jews.
  • More blood libel-In Jazz and the Jihad we lean that the Jews forced the US into Iraq and Afghanistan, are trying to force America into Iran and commit war crimes daily.  The Ziocons have some big appetite to satisfy. The same lobbies that led America towards this disastrous invasion in Iraq and Afghanistan are now doing whatever they can to push America towards intervention in Iran and Syria. For those few who still fail to realize it, America has been operating officially as an Israeli mission force. It currently fights the last sovereign pockets of Muslim resistance. Often enough, the true aim of the Zionist lobbies is concealed. Instead the Zionist lobbies promote some righteous phony humanitarian alternatives. The American Jewish Committee (AJC), for instance, is aggressively lobbying against human rights abuse in Iran and Darfur. Since human rights issues are really close to my heart, I find myself wondering whether the Jewish organization shouldn't rather be concentrating on the colossal war crimes that are daily repeated by Israel in Palestine
  • Another commenter beleves the anti-Semitic meme that Jews own the Banks:WE LIVE IN A PLANNED SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST ECONOMY NOW BECAUSE THE MEANS OF EVERY TRANSACTION IS REGULATED BY A CENTRALLY PLANNED BANK. The Federal Reserve (under the Jewish leadership of Volcker, Greenspan, and now Bernanke...along with with the Treasury....and partnered with large banking institutions such as JP Morgan, B of A, Goldman Sachs et al.) control the volume and circulation of money. 
Understand this is not a matter of disagreeing with Israeli policy, not everyone who is anti-Israel is anti-Semitic but when one says the Jews control the banks, or are committing non-existent atrocities just to reinvent the ancient blood-libel claim, that isn't disagreeing with Israel, that is Antisemitism.

The founder of Occupy DC falls into the same category Kevin Zeese, a founder of Occupy DC, was once the attorney for NORML, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law and when it comes to Jews and Israel Zeese acts like someone whose brain has suffered the effects of too much Maui Wowie.

In 2006 Zeese ran on the Green Party Ticket in an attempt to become US Senator from Maryland.  One of his key platforms was the "Israel Lobby" has too much power, which is just a "nice" way of saying the Jews control the government.

There is, too, another factor which causes friction. It is the arrogance of some of the Israel’s apologists! Their condescending attitudes and their use of smear tactics towards those who dare to speak out for the good of our Republic is deeply resented by their targets and, too, by the wider community. It reminds some of how the British imperialists regularly abused our gallant patriots before the Revolution. As brave Americans die daily in the Neocon-inspired Iraqi War, and others ingest the toxic depleted uranium dust, those feelings against a militant Israel, and its haughty and schoolyard bully of a Lobby, will only persist.
 During the Campaign he accused Israel of making terror attacks against citizens in Lebanon and Gaza, something that never happened, and promoted the anti-Semitic John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt book which claimed that some nefarious Jewish Lobby was controlling US Foreign Policy.

In an action unprecedented in Maryland politics, Kevin Zeese, an Independent candidate in Maryland for the U.S. Senate, has demanded that an incumbent congressman, who has close ties to the powerful Israel Lobby, break his silence on Israeli wrongdoing. In one of his four “Open Letters” to Rep. Ben Cardin (D-MD), dated July 17, 2006, Zeese requested that the “ardent supporter” of Israel end “his sin of silence" and speak out about "the brutal terrorist attacks by Israel on civilians in Lebanon and Gaza."  A scholarly report, the "Harvard Study," revealed that the Israel Lobby has exercised "unmatched power" over U.S. foreign policy, which hasn't been in our "national interest."
In the video below Zeese says the Israel lobby has purchased both political parties and they control the US Economy. 

Another key founder of Occupy Wall Street is the October 2011 group. Rather than one organization, October 2011 is an alliance of many organizations, many of which have an anti-Israel stance. Not just a stance which disagrees with the Jewish State, but ones that seek to demonize Israel and make it the scapegoat for all that is wrong with the world.  Here are some quotes:

  • All Education Matters "Yet not a single Democrat member of Congress has had the guts to call for an end of the American empire and its stupid f---ing wars, and to tell Israel to go swing in the breeze.It's not about economics, it's about America's stupid f---ing wars for oil and empire and Israel."
  • Answer Coalition " Deliberately attacking the civilian population, with the intent of causing maximum suffering, is clearly a crime against humanity. What we are witnessing today in Gaza is collective punishment against the population as a whole. It is just one part of Israel’s colonial policy toward the Palestinians. In historic Palestine, whether the West Bank, Gaza or inside the 1948 borders of Israel, an apartheid system is in place, where many rights reserved for Jewish Israelis are denied to Palestinians. More than six million dispossessed Palestinians are denied the right to return to their homeland.

  •  Appalachian Peace Education Center was part of the most recent Gaza Flotilla.The US ship [The Audacity of Hope] will bring over 3,000 letters of support to a population suffering its fifth continuous decade of de facto occupation, now in the form of a military blockade controlling Gaza’s sea and sky, punctuated by frequent deadly military incursions, that has starved Gaza’s economy and people to the exact level of cruelty considered acceptable to the domestic population of our own United States, Israel’s staunchest ally.

  • This is from the Blog of Jacob George one of the leaders of A Ride to the End" On one hand, it is about a homeland, human dignity and the right to statehood for a community of people who have endured suffering, genocide, war crimes, theft of land and property and the other the awful reality of the Jewish lobby, Israel’s cannibalism, bullying and a US veto!’ – Dr Jacob George

I don't want to give you the impression that I am cherry-picking organizations involved in October 2011, after all these are only five of the 164 group alliance,  Truth be told I only looked through the "A"s, who knows what venom is in the 155 groups I didn't have time to research.

Over the past month there have been many comparisons between the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Here is one comparison that the Mainstream Media will not make.  The MSM worked very hard to brand the Tea Party Movement as Racist, but it wasn't. They are working just as hard to ignore the blatant Antisemitism and libelous demonization of Israel coming out of the Occupy Wall Street protests, and they are. 

It is not just a few nuts within the Occupy Wall Street Movement who are bashing Israel and Jews, it is the leadership and founders, yet our President and the rest of the Democratic Party are practically tripping over their underwear in a rush to embrace these haters.


GM Roper said...

Although Pogroms (named as such) were started in Czarist Russia, the left has fully endorsed modern pogroms from its treatment of Israel to the anti-Semitism of the OWS'ers. 'Tis a pity sirrah! These fools know not what they do.

GM Roper said...

Although physical pogroms were popular in Czarist Russia, the verbal anti-Semitic pogroms have been fully embraced by the modern left.

AmPowerBlog said...

Great post, Jeff!!

William Quakequill said...

This post gave me additional perspective and information of the flavor of leadership present at these gatherings that is wrapped in bigotary and on the foundation lies and hate.