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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Proof - The Attempted Takeover of Israeli Consulate by Occupy Boston Was Officially Sanctioned Event

The Occupy protests,  are supported by President Obama and my congressman, the supposedly pro-Israel Congressman Steve Israel (NY-2), tried to take over the Israeli Consulate in Boston yesterday. If you missed it, it's because the incident wasn't covered by the mainstream media.

The attempted attack on the consulate should be a big surprise to people who read the mainstream media because they have been reporting the anti-Israel/anti-Semitic incidents coming from the Occupy protests were the product of a few lone-wolf nuts. This particular Anti-Israel event wasn't a fringe group or a lone nut, it was an officially sanctioned Occupy Boston event.

Thankfully they didn't get into the consulate - only the building's lobby, but even if they got to the embassy there would have been no one there because these Occupy "friends of the Jewish Community," forgot that Consulates of the Jewish State are closed on the Jewish Sabbath. One of the Protesters, Kade Ellis explained what they were doing--via her twitter feed.
Kade Ellis of Occupy Boston

According to the "No Cure That" website" the reason for the attempted attack on the consulate was:
A flotilla with as many as a dozen activists — including Code Pink’s Kit Kittredge- was bound to Gaza bearing humanitarian aide on November 4th. The Israeli military boarded seized the ship, and took all of the activists into custody.Occupy Boston then marched on the Israeli Consulate in solidarity.

Before the Occupy Boston protesters begin to say that it was small splinter group that went to the Israeli consulate building and they don't  represent all of Occupy Boston take a look at this screen shot from the Occupy Boston webpage showing the Israeli Consulate even was an officially sanctioned event.

Below is a blow up of the circled area. 

The attempted take over of the Israeli Consulate by Occupy another example of the anti-Israel sentiment coming out of the Occupy movement, whose leaders have a long history of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel activism. But the liberal media continues to condone the hatred using the excuse "its only a few crazies." 

If this incident was only the work of a few crazies, why was it on the Occupy Boston's calendar of scheduled events?  It is obvious that the attempted takeover was a fully sanctioned Occupy Boston event, and based on the liberal media's history, if they ever bother to report on this attack on the Israeli Consulate they will ignore the evidence and try to explain it away as a few nuts 

I wonder if President Obama and my Congressman, DNCC Chairman Steve Israel still love the Occupy Protests? I have tried to ask them but got no response. Maybe you can ask also.

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Ron Robinson said...

Was there any damage done to the Consulate, windows broken, etc.? Other crimes (besides misdemeanor trespass) committed?

Occupy* is getting a really bad rep - and Obama has already pwned them. That will become a real albatross for him later...

Rachel Ann said...

I liked how they just mimic everything she says...what idiots? Haven't they a brain?

Anonymous said...

Now I'm pissed off. Sent your link to Drudge.