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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Silence of The Mainstream Media

Much of the bias of the mainstream media is not displayed by what they say but by what they omit. During the past four years there have plenty of examples of the silence of the media. Remember the media ignoring candidate Obama’s relationship with seedy figures such as terrorist Bill Ayers, Communist scholar/pedophile Frank Marshall Davis or even the fact the future president’s first political office was won in part by earning the support of the Marxist, New Party.

Protecting Barack Obama is not the only reason for the mainstream media to omit elements of a story, but protecting the President’s progressive agenda is usually involved.

Take for example this week’s release of a new batch of “climategate” emails. This batch is from around the same time as the first set, leaked two years ago, and they feature the same cast of scientists such as Michael Mann, Phil Jones, Ben Santer, Tom Wigley, Kevin Trenberth, and Keith Briffa, who starred in the first set. In these emails the scientists admit that the evidence behind man made global warming is paper thin, and the apocalyptic climate story is being pushed for political rather than environment reasons. There is even evidence of US and British government involvement in covering up evidence disproving the global warming story.

One would expect news such as this to become banner headlines across the country’s biggest papers. Those expectations would not be met. The NY Times small story in its environmental column. While someone seriously covering the story would post some of the controversial exchanges, the Times paraphrased some of them and concluded by explaining it was much ado about nothing:
Gavin A. Schmidt, a climate modeler at NASA, said he found such exchanges unremarkable. He noted that difficulties in modeling were widely acknowledged and disclosed in the literature. Indeed, such problems are often discussed at scientific meetings in front of hundreds of people.

Of the new release of e-mails, Dr. Schmidt said, “It smacks of desperation.”

Dr. Mann said he hoped the fresh release, apparently first posted to a computer server in Russia, would provide new clues for the British police as they seek to catch the hacker or hackers.

“Who are the criminals?” he asked. “Who is funding this effort, not just to steal these materials but to promote them?”

Time Magazine reported on the scandal by ignoring the bulk of the emails and calling it a weak sequel. Interestingly it seems as if Health and Science reporter Bryan Walsh didn’t read any of the emails himself, but simply reported what others said before concluding that thy contained nothing new. Just like the NY Times, by omitting a broad selection of the emails, Time Magazine skewed the story.
Another story where the media exposed its progressive bias was the terrorist arrested by the NYPD this past Sunday.

According to the description by NYPD Commissioner 27-year-old Jose Pimentel, a loner who lives with his mother in Washington Heights was charged with making pipe bombs after a year-long investigation. The reason for Jose’s little project was that he converted to a radical form of Islam and was very upset the US killed his heroes Usama bin Laden and most especially his spiritual mentor Anwar al-Awlaki. Pimentel even learned how to make pipe bombs via Awlaki’s online magazine which included an article, "How to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom."

While Pimentel’s religion was the motivating factor behind his bomb making, it went against the progressive narrative which says there is no relationship between radical Islam and terrorism. Therefore when Reuters and the Associated Press first reported the story, Pimentel’s radical faith was left out of the story he was described as an al Qaeda sympathizer (the fact that he was a Muslim convert was added the next day)

The NY Daily News managed to tell the story of Pimentel’s arrest without using the words Muslim or Islam.

Time Magazine skirts around the issue describing the terrorist as a 27-year-old al-Qaida sympathizer" who was motivated by terrorist propaganda and resentment of U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq,” and “A U.S. citizen originally from the Dominican Republic” never mentioning his conversion. The closest they got was mentioning that Pimentel was also known as Muhammad Yusuf.

There is the old saying that you should never totally believe what you read in the news media, that is only half true, what you don’t read is just as important. In the case of the new Climategate emails, the mainstream media’s reluctance to print a broad sampling of the conversations to allow the readers to judge their worth is an indication that their preference is to perpetuate what is increasingly becoming apparent as a hoax upon the public. Their coverage of a recent terrorist arrest indicates their refusal to be honest with their readers about the relationship between radical Islam and terrorism.

The silence of the media is just another way they present their bias. Perhaps mainstream media editors are simply worried if they allow their audience to see the full truth, their progressive handlers will eat their livers… with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

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hutch1200 said...

Sins of Omission. I'm wondering how us poor people can reach the enlightened stage in life? To get the truth today I need a $40 DSL connection, 1k+ for a PC, and know where (HERE) to get the truth! Shouldn't a .75c newspaper of record give me that. I'm sick of bloggers like yourself, being castigated as the "unwashed", and off the "cocktail party circuit". W/O you we would never have heard of the IPCC scandal, Fast & Furious, Executive orders etc..Bless you and yours.

RebeccaH said...

Another incentive for the mainstream media to conceal or gloss over the climate con is that many of the top management probably have big money invested in "green energy". I'm sure more than a few hopped onto Al Gore's gravy train. I believe they're stalling the climategate stories now in order to give themselves time to move their money out without attracting attention.

Mike H. said...

The remedy is 'Watts Up With That'. It clears up the climate silence every time.

Nate Whilk said...

As for old sayings about the media, a while ago I came across Knoll's Law of Media Accuracy: Everything you read in the newspapers is absolutely true--except for the rare story of which you happen to have firsthand knowledge. -- Erwin Knoll, editor, "The Progressive"

Dick Stanley said...

Amazing stuff sometimes, the stuff that gets left out.

XRay said...

Thing is, is that you can't just directly and specifically call someone a liar anymore. Not from a libel standpoint, as the MSM wouldn't stand a chance in that court of law. One hopes anyway.

Instead it is societal pressure, PC pressure, specifically, that holds one back. Myself included, sadly.

One has to couch argument and discussion in 'academic' terms so to speak, to show that one is serious. Though it is the 'academy' that is screwing us, royally.

Anonymous said...

There's gotta be a reason for the media's silence and it has to have lethal overtones. Lacking that I cannot fathom why ALL the so called reporters at so many media organizations so willingly toe the line. You'd think there'd be at least one willing to take the risk of exposing the media's agenda. The few who begin to speak out on one subjec or another, quickly clam up.

Unless we unravel this mystery and figure out who or what is behind it, the future of freedom in this county could be quite short.

Is it Soros? The Saudis? The drug lords? The Bilderburgers? I dunno...the Case of the Dog that Wouldn't Bark.

Unknown said...

I totally agree. I also imagine if they focused on Gunrunner it could explode bigger than Watergate. Even by omission, they make or break history.

Having said this I disagree with your inclusion of Fox News and the WSJ, it makes me suspect you're attempting an even hand here. They report much, much more than the mainstream liberal press and many times in great detail. They may not be complete with every issue of the day but they shouldn't be included with organs of raw progressive propaganda.

papertiger said...

Gavin A. Schmidt, a climate modeler at NASA, said he found such exchanges unremarkable.

Here's a couple of "those exchanges" which I think are sort of remarkable.

[<2009> Briffa:

I find myself in the strange position of being very skeptical of the quality of all present reconstructions, yet sounding like a pro greenhouse zealot here!]

The guy who created the tree ring temperature reconstructions thinks they are all crap, but is being edited by parties of the IPCC to make it seem like he has faith in them.

[<2775> Jones:

I too don't see why the schemes should be symmetrical. The temperature ones certainly will not as we're choosing the periods to show warming.]

HADCRUT chose periods to enhance the sale of "warming" to the public.

[<4923> Stott/MetO:

My most immediate concern is to whether to leave this statement ["probably the warmest of the last millennium"] in or whether I should remove it in the anticipation that by the time of the 4th Assessment Report we'll have withdrawn this statement - Chris Folland at least seems to think this is possible.]

So the AR4 used assessments that were known by the author to be false, later to be withdrawn in a planned obsolescence, to sex up the report.

[<1485> Mann:

the important thing is to make sure they're loosing the PR battle. That's what the site [Real Climate] is about.]

Real Climate is about winning the PR battle? That means Gavin Schmidt isn't a climate modeler at NASA.
He's the operator of a PR firm.

papertiger said...

We really should start talking about the overwhelming and growing mountain of evidence that mainstream climate science and it's purveyors are frauds, using that exact language.

It's a PR war, you know.

SenatorMark4 said...

I look forward to the day a vlogger tracks down these mainstreambozos at home and does a video ambush outside THEIR home first thing in the morning. I have to believe that they are twice as dense before their third cup of coffee in the morning. It is past time that THEY become the story.

SenatorMark4 said...

So-- I logged in but my comments disappeared apparently. Sorry if this sounds familiar! It is time for these reporters ignoring the obvious news to BECOME the news. It is past time for an ambush vlogger to catch them for comment as they come out of their upper East-side apartment.

OSweet said...

Contrast the NYT's willful downplaying of the Climategate emails with its giddily-excited treatment of Sarah Palin's email-record release earlier this year, i.e. appealing to its readers to help us identify interesting and newsworthy e-mails, people and events that we may want to highlight...