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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

MMFA's Chief Jew-Hater MJ Rosenberg, Becomes a Self-Parody

It is written, "he who makes the best egg salad shall rule over heaven and earth." Don't ask me why egg salad — I've got enough aggravation. From the Movie "What's Up Tiger Lily"
I will disagree with anybody who calls Media Matters for America's (MMFA) foreign policy "expert" MJ Rosenberg a self-hating Jew. People who have met him in person have told me that he is not a self-hater in fact he is very much in love with himself. No, MJ Rosenberg is a Jew-hating Jew.  This characterization has nothing to do with his unfavorable feelings toward Israel, but because he uses anti-Semitic stereotypes in his writings that would make the authors of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion proud (but then again he works for MMFA which is close enough).

Rosenberg is infamous for accusing American Jews who support Israel of dual loyalty (he calls them Israel-firsters), he also claims that that "evil Zionist lobby" controls both the media and the U.S. foreign policy (being both married and Jewish he should know that Jewish men don't even control what goes on in their own houses). He uses the term neo-con in a similar fashion to another Jew-Hater Pat Buchanan, as a slang pejorative term for Jews who are politically conservative. Rosenberg  accuses those Israel-firster neo-cons of  everything from trying to manipulate the US into a war with Iran to being the ones who stole the recipe for egg salad in the Woody Allen film, What's Up Tiger Lily?

Last week the MMFA Jew-Hater-In-Chief began to show new cracks in his already twisted logic.

The Daily Forward, a Jewish Newspaper with a progressive tilt reported two Jewish Organizations that that put progressive politics before their mission, the ADL and The AJC  have seen their donations plummet  during the past five years. Apparently the money is shifting toward single-issue organizations especially Israel advocacy groups.
The Anti-Defamation League has lost more than $20 million in annual contributions over the past five years, going from more than $73 million in 2006 down to $51 million in 2010, according to its latest tax filings. That is a 30% fall-off, before taking inflation into account.

Similarly, the American Jewish Committee, which brought in $62 million in donations in 2005, raised only $38 million in 2010. In the last half of 2009 — the only part of that year the group reported due to a shift from fiscal to calendar year — the group raised $10.6 million in donations.
The excuse given by the the Institute for Jewish and Community research (based in San Francisco-'nuff said) is that younger donors want to have more control of their dollars so they are moving their cash to single issue-oriented organizations.

MJ had a field day on twitter, joyfully tweeting around the article

because it proves his point that:

Apparently MJ didn't read the entire article before he retweeted it, or he didn't notice the  money lost by AJC and the ADL went to Israel-advocacy groups or as he would call them, Israel-firsters.  Groups with an increasing bankroll included his arch nemesis AIPAC , The Israel Project, and Stand With Us, all Israel advocacy  groups that he would call Israel-firsters.  J-Street also saw a rise but much of the groups donations come from non-traditions sources including anti-Israel Arabs and of course George Soros. As my daughter used to say "oopsies."

Here's the other fun fact Rosenberg's hatred of his own people cause him to ignore, the groups that lost money namely the ADL and the AJCommittee are both organizations that have strayed from their Jewish mission to promote progressive policies and political figures even before the needs of the United States,  something that would please MMFA's sugar-daddy George Soros.

Allow me to suggest the fact that, much to Rosenberg's chagrin, money has shifted from these political groups to Israel advocacy groups because of their support of progressive politics and politicians who tend to be anti-Israel.

The ADL, founded in 1913, started off as a small shop focused on fighting Antisemitism. It has since grown to become one of the largest Jewish organizations in the United States, with more than 400 employees and 28 regional offices. But it focus has shifted to issues not-related to bigotry or Antisemitism, such as trashing the tea party and promoting Abortion, Illegal Immigration, Obama's version of the start treaty and advocating for the most Anti-Israel President in our lifetime, Barack Obama.

Even in private, Abe Foxman is promoting Obama, in May 2010 he spoke at my synagogue and urged congregants not to give up on Obama.  That sounds like political advocacy I would imagine that if someone took the time to record all of the ADL's efforts they would be in danger of losing their tax-exempt status because of its political activity (tax exempt groups are not supposed to be involved in partisan politics).

The Committeeman  most famous for putting its head in the sand about the Holocaust and Israel has advocated for Obama both with the ADL and on it's own.  And like MJ Rosenberg, Abe Foxman writes for the progressive  Huffington Post, one of the most anti-Semitic "mainstream" sites on the web today.

Remember the Herbert Lom character in the Pink Panther movies with Peter Sellers?  His character Chief Inspector Dreyfus hated Inspector Clouseau so much he couldn't discern between Clouseau's good and bad acts.  The guy went mad trying to destroy everything Clouseau did.
Chief Insp. Dreyfus: Clouseau?
Clouseau : Yes?
Chief Insp. Dreyfus : Are you wounded?
Clouseau : No. Fortunately I was saved by the darkness.
Chief Insp. Dreyfus : So what we need is more light.
From Revenge of the Pink Panther
MJ Rosenberg needs more light, not because (God Forbid) he should be wounded, but for him to see that he has become a self-parody just like the Herbert Lom character.  His hatred of Jews whether real or just paid for by MMFA has become so intense that he forgets to step back and look at things logically. If he took that step, not have re-tweeted the Daily Forward article which goes against the theory that he is like Peter Piper leading American Jews to face the reality that they are disloyal to their country the United States.  MJ has proven once again that he is more like the Peter Principle than Peter Piper.

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Nice article Jeff. We've been saying this about MJ for years. Will be crossposting later today.