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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Three Cheers For MSNBC-Buchanan is Gone, He Whines "I Was Blacklisted"

It's not very often that I feel the urge to complement the progressive news network MSNBC. They have finally rid themselves of the bigoted, anti-Semitic Pat Buchanan.

Buchanan called it the New Blacklist.
My days as a political analyst at MSNBC have come to an end.

After 10 enjoyable years, I am departing, after an incessant clamor from the left that to permit me continued access to the microphones of MSNBC would be an outrage against decency, and dangerous.

The calls for my firing began almost immediately with the Oct. 18 publication of "Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?"

A group called Color of Change, whose mission statement says that it "exists to strengthen Black America's political voice," claimed that my book espouses a "white supremacist ideology." Color of Change took particular umbrage at the title of Chapter 4, "The End of White America."
He blames others including Abe Foxman
On Nov. 2, Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League, who has sought to have me censored for 22 years, piled on.

"Buchanan has shown himself, time and again, to be a racist and an anti-Semite," said Foxman. Buchanan "bemoans the destruction of white Christian America" and says America's shrinking Jewish population is due to the "collective decision of Jews themselves."
.....The modus operandi of these thought police at Color of Change and ADL is to brand as racists and anti-Semites any writer who dares to venture outside the narrow corral in which they seek to confine debate.

All the while prattling about their love of dissent and devotion to the First Amendment, they seek systematically to silence and censor dissent.
 I have not read the book and cannot honestly comment whether its content is racist, homophobic or anti-Semitic, neither am I a leftist trying to suppress a conservative message. I am a Jew who recognizes that Pat Buchanan is an anti-Semite pure and simple.

For example, when Elena Kagan was nominated for the Supreme Court most conservatives (including me) opposed her nomination because,  based on her history it was clear that she would be an activist justice who would change the meaning of the constitution to fit the progressive agenda.  Pat Buchanan had a different reason, there are too many Jews on the Supreme Court.

....Not since Thurgood Marshall, 43 years ago, has a Democratic president chosen an African-American. The lone sitting black justice is Clarence Thomas, nominated by George H. W. Bush. And Thomas was made to run a gauntlet by Senate liberals.
Indeed, of the last seven justices nominated by Democrats JFK, LBJ, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, one was black, Marshall; one was Puerto Rican, Sonia Sotomayor. The other five were Jews: Arthur Goldberg, Abe Fortas, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan.

If Kagan is confirmed, Jews, who represent less than 2 percent of the U.S. population, will have 33 percent of the Supreme Court seats.
Buchanan made almost the same statement in 2007, but that time it was about the Senate:
 "If you want to know ethnicity and power in the United States Senate, 13 members of the Senate are Jewish folks who are from 2 percent of the population. That is where real power is at.." ("The McLaughlin Group," Feb. 2, 2007).
Probably the most harmless statement Buchanan ever made was to perpetuate the Myth that the Jews controls foreign policy.
In Buchanan's essay "Whose War" he blames the Iraq war on a bunch of mostly Jewish public figures such as Bill Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, Max Boot, and Richard Perle. Buchanan charges those public figures with "colluding with Israel to ignite wars and destroy the Oslo Accords. We charge them with deliberately damaging U.S. relations with every state in the Arab world that defies Israel or supports the Palestinian people's right to a homeland of their own." He goes on to say, "For whose benefit these endless wars in a region that holds nothing vital to America save oil, which the Arabs must sell us to survive? Who would benefit from a war of civilizations between the West and Islam? Answer: one nation, one leader, one party. Israel, Sharon, Likud." ( The American Conservative Whose War?, A neoconservative clique seeks to ensnare our country in a series of wars that are not in America’s interest. by Patrick J. Buchanan, March 24, 2003 issue)
Actually it was Sharon that warned Bush NOT to invade Iraq, actually every Israeli Prime Minister after Rabin has endorsed a two state solution--not one Palestinian leader has endorsed the idea of the Jewish State of Israel.

Buchanan is also a holocaust denier, he  challenged the historical record that thousands of Jews were gassed to death by diesel exhaust at Treblinka:
"Diesel engines do not emit enough carbon monoxide to kill anybody." -New Republic, 10/22/90
If Buchanan was attacking any other group he would have been fired long ago, yet he is allowed to continue spewing his hatred  But Jews have company on Buchanan's hate list, the Blacks.
Racial Segregation “In the late 1940’s and 1950’s…race was never a preoccupation with us, we rarely thought about it…. There were no politics to polarize us then, to magnify every slight. The ‘Negroes’ of Washington had their public schools, restaurants, bars, movie houses, playgrounds and churches; and we had ours.” - Right From the Beginning (1990)  
Back in 1991 he accused David Duke of Theft. "David Duke is busy stealing from me. I have a mind to go down there and sue that dude for intellectual property theft." - Manchester, NH Union Leader, December 15, 1991
In 1969, Buchanan urged Nixon not to visit King's widow, Coretta Scott King, because he felt, "It would outrage many, many people who believe Dr. King was a fraud and a demagogue, and perhaps worse. ... It does not seem to be in the interests of national unity for the president to lend his national prestige to the argument that this divisive figure is a modern saint memo dated April 1, 1969, quoted in AP wire story: Buchanan's Positions ... In His Own Words Charleston Gazette March 03, 1996.
The late William F Buckley Jr confirmed that Pat Buchanan was a bigot. In an article called in  Search of Anti-Semitism" December 31, 1991,Buckley, concluded, that Buchanan was indeed an anti-Semite:
I find it impossible to defend Pat Buchanan against the charge that what he did and said during the period under examination amounted to anti-Semitism, whatever it was that drove him to say and do it: most probably, an iconoclastic temperament.
MSNBC did the right thing and got rid of a bigot. One down and one to go...if they can get get rid of Al Sharpton, they will be left with only the usual lineup of progressive loons.

Please don't whine about about the First Amendment. The constitutional protection of free speech begins with Congress shall not.., no where does it say MSNBC does not. Nor is this an attack on Buchanan because he is Conservative (so am I) or an observant catholic regular readers of this site will confirm that's not my style.  I celebrate the MSNBC move because people like  Buchanan (and Sharpton) should not be given a voice on national TV---it legitimizes their hatred.

My Buddy David Swindle agrees...Read his take here on the PJ Tatler
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