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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oklahoma Oil Town to Protest Hypocritical Obama Visit

With recent polls indicating that Americans feel the President is not doing enough to bring down energy prices, Obama has gone on the offensive.Tomorrow President Obama plans to bring his "I don't have anything to do with high gas prices" tour to the rural town of Cushing Oklahoma (population 8,731). Feeling his visit is a bit disingenuous, some folks in Payne County (where Cushing is located) plan to protest the Presidential appearance.

Cushing is a major hub in moving America's Oil Supply,  connecting the Gulf Coast suppliers with northern consumers. It's been called as the most significant trading hub for crude oil in North America.

President Obama on the other hand has not been kind to the oil industry, he has restricted the harvesting of our own vast energy resources and his most recent affront was cancelling the Keystone pipeline which would have brought oil from Canada to the US for refining.

The purpose of Obama's campaign stop is to announce he is going to build Keystone...well sort of. He will announce his support of building the rear end of the pipeline,from Cushing to the Gulf of Mexico. Leave it to this President to do things ass-first (sorry I couldn't help myself).

In typical Obama fashion he is giving his support where it isn't needed. Pipelines in the United States all of the time, local authorities need to grant approval, but the President's is  not necessary. The only part of the pipeline that a president has influence over is the segment that crosses the boarder as foreign relations is the purview of federal government.

People are not impressed with Obama's three year battle against fossil fuels and locals who work in the oil business plan to protest tomorrow's visit, believing it to be nothing but a political ploy:

(if you cannot see video below please click here)



Quilly_Mammoth said...

Oklahoma will be even Redder this time around then 2008. Tulsa and OKC have dozens of mid sized companies that service the drilling and pipeline industry. Many of them are the last bastion of unionized trades in Oklahoma...and it is clear that Obama wants to kill the industry that pays their wages.

Jane said...

Payne County, OK, I think.

65% Republican, 35% Democrat.

Oh, how I wish I could be there.

killmenow said...

Can anyone think of ANY reason "O" would go to Cushing other than political? Ya, thats what I thought too.

Unknown said...

Isn't this analogous to Dukakis riding in a tank to show how tough he was? RNC better get on the ball and put on their mocking shoes RIGHT NOW.

Minicapt said...

"The only part of the pipeline that a president has influence over is the segment that crosses the boarder as foreign relations is the purview of federal government."
… which explains perfectly why the White House is concerned with a few sandy bits in Nebraska, but not where the Keystone crosses into Montana.