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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Must See" Radio!

Those of you who have reading this site for a long time will know that while I am working my arse off on my real job Monday-Friday, I am usually "listening/watching" internet radio. The routine is always the same, The Ed Morrissey Show @3pm and the Tony Katz show @ 6pm(if you don't listen to either of these shows you are missing out--its great radio, and both chat rooms are as enjoyable as the hosts).
For those of you too busy to listen Monday-Friday I got some really exciting news. Tony Kats is going to add a "celestial radio/internet radio show on Saturday.
We are thrilled to announce that The Tony Katz Show will be joining the stellar line up at 97.1 FM News Talk in St. Louis. Tony will be adding a Saturday show, broadcasting live at 5pm CST starting on May 5th. The show will originate from Los Angeles.
Tony has been a long time fill-in for Dana Loesch, whose program “The Dana Show” broadcasts from noon to 3pm CST. This has led to a great relationship between Tony and programming director Jeff Allen, who saw the opportunity to bring Tony in to the 97.1 family.
From Tony:
This is a fantastic opportunity, and I’m grateful to Jeff Allen for making it available to me. 97.1 is the premier talk station in St. Louis, and has an amazing national reputation. To be part of a line up that includes Dana, Jamie Allman and Dave Glover is too good to be true. That Jeff sees me as akin to those guys is extremely humbling.
Also, this allows me to visit St. Louis often, and test every BBQ place there is. So, it’s a win-win.
In addition to the Saturday show, Tony’s daily show will run on at 6pmEST/3pmPST. Advertising opportunities are available for both programs. More information is available here.
Listen to the show on Saturdays at, or watch it live on All Patriots Media.
Guys if you are not familiar with Tony there is no excuse..give him a try on Saturday May 5th.  I promise you will not be disappointed. 

And if you can't wait till May 5th (I can't blame you), go to  Monday-Friday at 6 EST and join me and my friends in the chat room.

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