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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Convicted Terrorist Tries To Intimidate Blogger Stacy McCain Away From The Truth

If you don't know Robert Stacy McCain you are really missing something. As the saying goes, Stacy is a real trip. The Other McCain (he is the conservative one- unlike his distant cousin the failed presidential candidate) is no stranger to controversy mostly because he writes whatever is on his mind and he doesn't believe in sitting on the sidelines. RS McCain will dive into a story no matter how controversial if he believes he can make a contribution.  He has his critics on both the right and the left, but Stacy is the kind of guy who will become your friend and champion the day he meets you.   Here's a secret about Stacy McCain most people don't know, if you need help, he will not only give you the shirt off his back but his back also.

Yesterday Stacy had to go into hiding. It stems from the fact he wrote a series of articles about convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin, who now runs a 501(c) 3 organization, and is a Democratic party operative is partially funded by progressive sugar daddy George Soros.
Kimberlin was suspected in the murder for hire of Julia Scyphers who had been allegedly vocal about the relationship that existed between her pre-pubescent granddaughter and Kimberlin (read that story at allergic2bull). There is so much to this story, you need to go to The Other McCain to get the full picture.

The other day convicted terrorist Kimberlin called McCain's wife's employer to say Stacy was harassing him. The message the terrorist was sending was clear,  he was telling the blogger "I know where you live--so watch out!"

Think about that for a second.. most bloggers get nasty emails, even threats and rebukes from politicians and public figures. Heck Steve Israel has sent out at least two fundraising letters pointing out things I've written as the reason he needs extra funds. McCain got a threat from someone convicted of domestic terrorism. Even worse Stacy didn't get an overt threat, those are easier to deal with--he got the implied threat, the kind that can't be acted on by the authorities. 

I spoke to Stacy McCain tonight and you wouldn't know he was on the run from a terrorist/sociopath. McCain was calm, cool and determined to see this story through because he won't shy away from the truth.

You will hear more from this site on this Friday, May 25th has been designated, Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day. Lee Stranahan came up with the idea and created the video below--In the meantime please keep Stacy and his family in your prayers and consider hitting his tip jar...he will need a bit of  financial assistance in this difficult crisis.

Please pass the word. More on Friday.

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A.W. said...

Aaron "Worthing" here, the guy who sort of kicked off this thing.

Kimberlin was not accused of killing his grandmother. he was *suspected* in the murder for hire of Julia Scyphers. She had been allegedly vocal about the relationship that existed between her pre-pubescent granddaughter and kimberlin. That's all in my post, starting here: