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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kimberlin's Aunt Harriet Helps Out-His Sick Music Video & Erick Erickson Gets SWATTED

Just because "Blog about Brett Kimberlin Day" has passed doesn't mean its over. Kimberlin is still harassing and there is more unearthed about him every day.

The Kimberlin gang's rampage continues Erick Erickson (Mr. RedState and CNN contributor) sat down for dinner with his family today:
Last week we spent a lot of time writing about Brett Kimberlin and the incident involving blogger Patterico where someone spoofed his phone number and told 911 he had shot his wife.

Tonight, my family was sitting around the kitchen table eating dinner when sheriffs deputies pulled up in the driveway.

Someone called 911 from my address claiming there had been an accidental shooting.

It wasn’t nearly the trauma that Patterico suffered, but I guess the Erickson household is on somebody’s radar.

Luckily it was two sheriffs deputies who knew me and I had already, last week, advised the Sheriff’s Department to be on the look out for something like this
And it  gets sicker, Aaron Walker, one of Kimberlin's lawfare victims writes about when the felon was released from prison he joined a rock band called Op-Critical.  One of their songs called Fear mocks his bombing victim Carl DeLong. DeLong was horribly injured by one of the Kimberlin-set blasts, spent several years in debilitating pain and killed himself rather than suffer any more.  Aaron's story is here

Stacy McCain isn't taking it easy the run,  He's been following the money and found that one of the people who funded Kimberlin is his Aunt Harriet (who looks a bit like Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire).

Convicted felon Brett Kimberlin is the nephew of a wealthy Maryland woman who has contributed to a foundation that helped fund a 501(c)3 organization of which Kimberlin is the director. Kimberlin’s activities have recently attracted widespread attention because of his attempts to intimidate and harass bloggers who wrote about his criminal history.

Harriet Crosby, 66, reportedly an heiress to the General Mills fortune, was one of the original donors to the Threshold Foundation, which contributed $20,000 to Kimberlin’s Justice Through Music Project in 2008, according to database research I reported May 19.

Click here and read Stacy's full report

And please don't forget Blogger Aaron Walker and his wife lost their full-time jobs as a result of Brett Kimberlin's attacks. Robert Stacy McCain lost his home. Others are suffering professionally and personally in unimaginable ways.

The National Bloggers Club has created this special initiative, which enables supporters to make financial donations to a relief fund as a show of support. Click here to learn more

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