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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kimberlin Cronies Go After Ali Akbar's Family

Ali Akbar, one of the founders of the National Bloggers Club and a conservative political consultant, is the latest conservative to be targeted by the supporters of convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin. As if to prove how low they can go..they targeted Ali's family.

Ali has been one of the people most responsible for raising money to help the blogging victims of Kimberlin, Neil Rauhauser, and Brad Friedman, and the rest of their terrorist cabal.

If You can...please give to the Free Speech Fund--there is an ad on the top of the right-hand column of this blog (see "Who is Brett Kimberlin?")

As for Ali I continue to wonder at the helping hand you always offer, will pray for you and your family, and will give you both public and private support.

Ben Franklin once said, "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately"

Ace of Spades has called for a blogger's day of silence on Friday--count me in!:

Warning: DO NOT CLICK ON ANY SITE YOU DON'T TRUST ABOUT THIS STORY. I think there is reasonable grounds for suspicion that your IP will be captured, and a malicious tracking cookie (or worse) inserted onto your computer.

Do not click on any of the "bad" sites for this. Only go to trusted sites.

I am sorry if this warning comes too late -- I had it in my actual post on Ali.

Have Internet Situational Awareness, here. I do not know if my suspicious are accurate, but there is no harm in being prudent.

For now, I'm just going to write this, to let people know my plan.

On Friday, this site will be absolutely dead-silent, which is what Brett Kimberlin and his stalker crew seeks, and what the media and our supposed Representatives in Congress would permit.

The only post on Friday will be a bold-faced Open Letter to Congress, urging them to act and not attempt to pass the buck to others.

They are our representatives; we would like some representation.

They vowed to defend and protect the Constitution; they can honor that vow now.

I will post links of Congressmen's and Senator's email addresses and offices and phone numbers, and urge every concerned American citizen to let them know, in no uncertain terms, that a crime in progress against the First Amendment (and people's safety) is occurring, and we humbly request they take this seriously.

They are literally going to get someone killed. That is their endgame here.

Will the media and Congress pretend "we didn't know" when this happens?

ABCNews knows.

The Weekly Standard knows.

The Daily Caller knows.

And many, but not yet all, Congressmen and Senators know.

I encourage all bloggers and twitterers to essentially strike that day, or write nothing except your desire that you expect your Congressmen to take threats to your First Amendment rights seriously.

Oh: Do not be provoked into saying something jackass. That's how he got Aaron Walker arrested and charged, unconstitutionally, with incitement.

Everytime you say something intemperate, Brett Kimberlin smiles. Because he just screencaps that and says "Your Honor, I'm the victim here."

The way this gets won is by law -- starting with Congress.

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