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Sunday, September 23, 2012

What Is Wrong With Calling Savages---Savage?

When a country goes to war with another one of the motivations behind engaging in conflict is to protect the lives and lifestyles of children and future generations. It is also a supreme motivation for making peace.  But How do you make peace with people who INTENTIONALLY put their children in the line of fire?"

Using women and children as human shields is a favored tactic of the Islamist terrorists, so is using them as homocited terrorists, that puts them BELOW the level of animals. After all most Animals protect their babies, the terrorists try to kill theirs.
"The best Mother's day present I got this year was the death as a shahid [martyr] of Abbas" as quoted in the official Palestinian Authority daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, on March 21, 2001 (cited Pipes, 2001)
Can you imagine your mother saying something like that? I hope not. This quote is not rare amongst women in Islamist Societies. It is also one of the reasons for the ad that will appear in NYC subway stations beginning tomorrow.

The ads were purchased by The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) which is run by my friend Pamela Geller.

On his radio show on Friday, NYC Mayor Mommy Bloomberg said
as "despicable" as it might be, a subway ad that depicts Muslims in a critical light is protected by the First Amendment, Mayor Bloomberg declared today.

"America is different," the mayor said on his weekly WOR radio show.

"We tolerate things that we may find despicable because the belief is the First Amendment protects you and me and we have to protect everyone else who's going to have that freedom."

The MTA tried to block the ad placed by conservative blogger Pamela Geller, but she won a federal lawsuit forcing the agency to display the provocative material in 10 stations next week
What is despicable about the ad? Bloomberg's comments are a perfect example of the Political Correctness that will destroy this country faster than one can drink a 17 ounce soda in a NYC Movie theater.

Quoting Pamela about the ad:
The premise of my ad was that a war on innocent civilians is savage. As long as the Palestinian Authority continues its savage policy of fomenting violence, promoting hatred, and teaching Palestinian children to hate, the number of young Muslims willing to blow themselves up or to slit Israeli throats will continue to increase. That is savage. The Palestinian Authority propaganda of Holocaust-denial, calls for the killing of the Jews, and glorification of bloodthirsty jihadis is savage.
The ad does not call all Muslims savage it doesn't even use the word Muslim.

Here is the bottom line in my mind. Someone that allows their kids to be blown up, or to be used as a  human shield is a savage. What Is Wrong With Calling Savages---Savage? Exactly Nothing.

Kudos to my  friend Pamela for telling the truth and shame on the news media and politicians for implying that its hate speech.

If you would like to learn more about the AFDI (or donate some money to their efforts) you can find it on the web here

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