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Thursday, December 13, 2012

NASA Creates "Why The World Didn't End Yesterday" Video For 12/22 But Releases it Early (Just in Case?)

NASA doesn't have money to build rockets in its budget but it can afford to create videos like this?

...If you are watching this video it means one thing...the world didn't end yesterday.
Thus begins a NASA video scheduled to be viewed a week from Saturday on December 22nd (no this isn't a satire its real).

The Video (embedded below) called "Why the World Didn't End Yesterday' outlines all the reasons the Mayan "end of the world on December 21,2012" story is just a myth.  The four minute video exploits astronomical and planetary experts to debunk any notions that the sun will irradiate the atmosphere or that a rogue planet will smash into our Earth--or the world will end next Friday December 21, 2012.

Ladies and Gentleman this is a great example how the government wastes money and cannot do anything correctly.  If the video was created to calm people down regarding the Dec. 21 end of the world myth, why was it created to be viewed the day AFTER December 21st?

On the other hand if NASA really believes that people will be around to watch the video on December 22nd, why is it available today? Are they hedging their bets?

The video is informative... but the timing (and the need) raises many, many questions such as why are our tax dollars being used for this?  (if you  cannot see video below please click here)

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