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Monday, May 20, 2013

Sorry GOP--But Impeachment is NOT an Option

America is getting frustrated with this administration's fight to keep the truth behind the three scandals under wraps. As frustrated as the public may getting, congress, who is in charge of finding out the truth is even more frustrated.  Yesterday's performance by White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer, who appeared on all five Sunday News programs was at best ridiculous, it seemed as if he answered each and every question with "that's irrelevant." His answers were certainly better than Barack Obama and Eric Holder's standard answer which is "I don't (or didn't) know about that. Its hard to believe that if he wasn't flipping around the channels looking for reruns of NCIS last Friday Obama would have never heard about the IRS scandal.

As the Congress and (in some cases) the mainstream media do their job and investigate these scandals there are soft rumblings of the "I" word coming from the right wing blogisphere and from Republicans in Congress (Note: The "I" word is not the new politically correct way to say Islamist terrorists--It means impeachment).  Allow me to suggest that what we know so far does not even approach "I" word levels, and even if they do Impeachment would be a horrible option for the Country and for the Party.

The last two President's who approached impeachment level were Nixon and Clinton, both of whom went way over the line to break the law.  Clinton committed perjury, something to which he eventually admitted after DNA testing.  Nixon may have survived Watergate if there wasn't an audio record of his crimes (the tapes).  This is an administration that is careful to protect its senior leaders by putting very little in writing.  Heck the Attorney General didn't even put it writing that he recused himself from the IRS case even though he is required to by law.

But let us say that eventually it proven the scandals were directly ordered by the President (a long shot but suppose).  On Benghazi it can be proven the president lied for political purposes (he would not be the first) but the only one really culpable would be Hillary Clinton who lied to Congress which (whether she was under oath or not), is a crime.  The AP scandal may prove to be immoral, but doesn't seem like a crime because the DOJ got a court order.  The IRS scandal probably has the biggest chance of toppling an administration, the real question is even if it is proven to be directed by Obama, is impeachment the best option?

Not necessarily for a host of reasons.  The first would be these three horrible words, "President Joe Biden."  Imagine the SCHMOTUS, this gaffe-meister making foreign policy decisions/statements-- there would have been no surge in Afghanistan, we would be living with a nuclear Iran, and Bin Laden would still be alive.  Although it might be funny if he had a summit with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il and said, "Come on Kim, stand up and take a bow--What am I saying, you are standing!"

A Joe Biden led domestic policy would be just as bad, perhaps the government would even waste money on pamphlets teaching women to protect themselves by emptying their shot guns through closed doors.

Don't worry America, this will never happen. Let's take this scenario a bit further. Say Obama is implicated directly in the IRS scandal and there is a smoking gun.  Let's say he is impeached by the House and there is a trial in the Senate, there is no way a Senate which when you include the one socialist/independent has 56 votes on the President's side is going to come up with the 67 votes to toss him out of office and give the reins to Biden.

However, if the house would move in that direction, Barack Obama ceases to be a scandal-ridden President and becomes a martyr to Republican obstructionism.  The GOP will become the racist party that threw out the first African-American president. Any voters on the fence would go Democrat just based on that meme.

On the other side, if Obama is proven to be behind the IRS and other scandals a weakened Obama is still much better than a Biden.  It is also better than the charges of obstructionism and racism that would be sure to come with any House action.

Thinking longer term if Obama is implicated in these scandals and stays in office he would be too weakened to push through his radical freedom stealing agenda during the remaining 921 days of his administration.  Additionally it will make ripe campaign fodder for the senate and house campaigns in 2014 and the Presidential campaign of 2016.

Any talk of Obama impeachment is way premature, but even if Obama is directly tied to these scandals impeachment would be bad for the United States and bad for the GOP.


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I don't know. President Biden just might destroy any hopes the Democrats have for the White House in 2014. An idiot representing the corrupt Obama administration.