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Monday, June 10, 2013

MUST SEE Debate About NSA Program-> President Obama vs. Senator Obama

The recent revelations regarding the federal government's data mining by collecting phone records, credit card spending information and internet data from virtually every telephone and computer in the country regardless of probable cause.  When the FISA law was passed many people (including me) naïvely thought it would only be used to spy upon US/Foreign communication and all with some sort of probable cause. Now we know they care collecting data from all communications, all interaction with the Internet, even the ones which are totally domestic there is a debate about the practice going on in America. No debate of this issue is more intense than that of President Barack Obama vs. Senator Barack Obama. The video below is a much watch.


Upward Vector said...

Barack Obama, June 7th, 2013:
"We're going to have to make some choices, as a society."

Well you know it's funny... I don't recall the federal government ever asking me whether I wanted to be subjected to 24 hr. covert surveillance by unaccountable people and groups, hidden behind the occlusive umbrella of "national security", and having my public communications suppressed and deleted by counterintelligence assets because "someone" didn't like what I was saying.

I also don't recall ever being asked whether I wanted to be subjected to constant covert harassment with psychotronics and RF weapons, and continuously targeted whenever I did something which someone, sitting in a monitoring room somewhere, didn't like, or had been ordered to respond to.

Of course they never asked, they knew what the answer would be - NO!

When criminals make and control the laws, anything the criminals desire to do becomes "legal", while the act of exposing the criminals' nefarious activities to the light of day becomes a crime.

The bad guys consistently get rid of the good guys until at last, all that is left is a cesspool of crime and corruption, and ethics is nothing more than an archaic word in the dictionary.

This NSA program however is nothing new for those who have been paying attention. Many people will remember Carnivore, and Echelon, and the Total Information Awareness program from years ago.

What hasn't been revealed yet however is the extreme level of technical sophistication now available for conducting covert surveillance, harassment, suppression, and even remote assassinations via electromagnetic weapons and "psychic warriors" for "heart-attacking" people with plausible deniability.

Personally, I'm disgusted by what some people consider "legal" in the name of "national security", for when there is no security or justice for the individual against a covert and suppressive government, a police state exists, the society has become something which is no longer worth living in, and the society itself slowly, or sometimes quickly, destroys itself.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
- George Santayana

David Griffin is the author of:
Revelation: A Briefing for the Peoples of Earth

Tribeof1 said...

Oh boy...