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Sunday, July 21, 2013

OH The HORROR !!! Geraldo Rivera Posts Topless Bathroom Picture of Himself

Warning: The Picture below is not for children <12, Adults with weak stomachs,weak hearts,pregnant women, people with back problems,or people with eye problems.

While reading my tweets this morning I ran across this from Geraldo Rivera.  I seriously considered poking my eyes out so I would never see anything so horrible again! He took and posted for everyone a nude picture of himself with a towel covering up his "junk"

Instead I decided to share it.  Before you look please remember, this couldn't have come from the Jewish Part of his brain.  My Latino friends say it couldn't come from that part of his brain.  The only  solution can be well...Remember when Geraldo appeared on TV and said Today I am a Palestinian? Well....

Note Geraldo erased his tweet later in the day but you still get to "enjoy"

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