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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The President's Fix Exposes Another Obamacare Lie

Remember when President Obama promised his health care plan would lower insurance  premiums by $2,500 per family? To help you remember, the video below shows him making that promise 19 times.

After the president announced his "keep your insurance" fix today, the Centers For Medicare & Medicaid released a document to state insurance commissioners explaining his new edict (full document is embedded below)

The highlighted area of the memo says:
'Although affected individuals and small businesses may access quality health insurance coverage through the new Health Insurance Marketplaces in many cases with federal subsidies, some of them are finding that such coverage would be more expensive than their current coverage, and thus they may [be] dissuaded from immediately transitioning to such coverage.'
But wait a could coverage be more expensive if people's insurance costs were going down by $2,500 per family? 

Of course they are admitting that the increase in a matter of fact manner, without admitting that paragraph was different from what the President promised--- no apology.

Just one more lie from the "most transparent administration" in history.

H/T The Daily Mail

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