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Monday, November 11, 2013

Tony Katz Has a New Radio Home

My Friend Tony Katz has a new radio home...

WIBC Adds 'Tony Katz Tonight'

EMMIS Talk WIBC/INDIANAPOLIS is adding "TONY KATZ TONIGHT" for 9p-midnight, beginning MONDAY (11/11). KATZ, a conservative commentator and columnist for TOWNHALL.COM and CHRISTIAN POST, is producing the show from his TOMORROW MEDIA NETWORK studio in LOS ANGELES. KATZ has been doing a weekend show for EMMIS Talk KFTK/ST. LOUIS; STACY WASHINGTON is taking over the slot on that station.

KATZ said, "I'm thrilled to be with EMMIS, a company that has fought hard to be strong in this ever shifting radio landscape. I've had a great relationship with the company, with DANA (LOESCH, WIBC and KFTK host, for whom he fills in) and especially KFTK programming director JEFF ALLEN, who gave me nothing but support, opportunity and encouragement. To go from there to the capable and fearless hands of DAVID WOOD, WIBC Program Director makes me truly believe that this is the start of a long, profitable relationship."

WOOD added, "We feel very fortunate to be in this position. TONY is the perfect fit for the direction of WIBC, reaching a larger, younger demo while keeping our heritage listeners. TONY KATZ TONIGHT just confirms our commitment to think outside the box to bring our listeners and advertisers the best opportunity to engage and get results."

The show is one part politics, one part comedy and 2% butterscotch ripple.

Here's the station site -

And here is where you can get the live video feed of the program -

I invite you to join me in listening to Tony's new Show!

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