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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Stiffed By John Hawkins Again (Publishes List of 50 Best Conservative Columnists Without You Know Who)

My ex-friend John Hawkins has done it again.  Every year he puts together a list of the Top 50 Best Conservative Columnists and I am not on it (that's why he is my EX-friend).  You know when I looked at #40 and saw the first name Jeff, I got excited for a moment...but it was Jeff Jacoby!  The guy writes for a Boston paper for pete's sake, just what the heck was John thinking. And some of the others? Come on--- I am not better than Charles Krauthammer? Hey John how many times have you gone drinking with Krauthammer at CPAC? Huh!

Please do me a me a favor..go over the Right Wing News and look at John's Top 50 Best Conservative Columnists--and then tell me yes or no, shouldn't that list have a Lid?


Larry Sheldon said... # works.

I don't recognize many of the names thee and with some that I do recognize way down the list, this puts the final knife in his cred as a conservative.

I would not worry about him, I read you every day, him when I have time to kill.

Larry Sheldon said...

Seriously. Here is one fact (or set of them):

I have a group of 30 'directories' (letters of the alphabet plus 4 for odds like the ones I've set aside because of inactivity).

In them I have all the blogs and such that I try to read every day (doesn't include the comics that come first and are in a 'dailies' directory. Yours, for example, is in the "Y" directory, whatzizname was in the "R" collection.

Every day thnat I have anytime at the console at all I catch up on Facebook (my family at the four winds uses it like we used to use the telephone), read the comics in the 'Dailies' list (by "read" I mean "open all in tabs").

The I start with either the "A" or the "Z" collection.

If I am tired or it is really late I might not even open the "R"s.

I have suggestion in the next comment.

Larry Sheldon said...

Write each of his names on separate slips of paper. Write the names of people you think are important, including of course your self, on more slips of paper--try not to skip a name because you remember it from his list.

Order the slips of paper the way you think they should be ordered--with thew doubles side-by-side.

Write a posting showing what your r4esults and their interpretation showed you.

Larry Sheldon said...

Zero comments. Really?

Larry Sheldon said...

Well, I guess I am not worth and answer.

I'll have to think about that a bit.