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Monday, February 17, 2014

Perhaps The Snake Was an Atheist

From WBIR-TV Kentucky Pastor Jamie Coots died from a snakebite Saturday night, according to officials and family members.

Coots starred on the reality show "Snake Salvation" alongside Pastor Andrew Hamblin, from LaFollette, who was recently in court for TWRA citations for snake-handling. The National Geographic show profiled the Pentecostal, serpent-handling preachers' fight to keep their religious traditions alive.

 Middlesboro Police Chief Jeff Sharpe said officials discovered that Coots died in his home at about 10 p.m. Saturday after a snake reportedly bit his hand at the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name. Coots left the church and went home before emergency personnel arrived. Officials then went to Coots's house, but the pastor denied medical treatment, according to Chief Sharpe. About an hour later, officials said they returned to his home, but Coots had already passed away.

Did anybody consider the fact that the snake may be a non-believer?


Unknown said...

"...the unemployment rate was 6.7 percent in December 2013, and 6.6 percent In January 2014. And that's the good news. "

Only if one falls for the distortion they apply to get this statistic down. In reality, total unemployment is on par with what we saw during the Depression of 1920-21.

"...the Labor Force Participation Rate has fallen to 63 percent..."

This wouldn't be nearly as big a deal if the rate had not been plummeting, steadily, at an unprecedented rate since January of 2009.

Meanwhile, news reports that this decline in LFPR is being caused by "Boomer Retirement" are pretty wildly exagerrated. The 65+ LFPR demographic is the only one that's actually moving in a positive direction.

Unknown said...