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Monday, August 18, 2014

A Radical Thought...What if The Shooting of Michael Brown Was Justified?

Here's a radical thought not heard in the mainstream media, what if Darren Wilson's shooting of Michael Brown was justified?  I am not saying it was, but we sure as hell don't know if it wasn't.

Just saying, when Dr. Baden spoke about his autopsy, despite what the lawyers said when they introduced him, Baden said he could not tell if the "kill shot" were fired from the front or the back.  He said there was no gunshot residue but to verify the distance between the gun barrel and Mr. Brown he needed to examine his clothing.  In other words maybe some of the eye witness accounts were right or maybe they were wrong.

The Ferguson police chief who released the video of Michael Brown stealing cigars and stiff-arming the owner of a convenience store is an idiot, but despite what he said Wilson may have known about the theft. Even if he did, the theft does go to Mr. Brown's state of mind at the time of the incident.

We don't know what happened. Many people in Ferguson are demanding Wilson be arrested immediately. However it seems to me prosecutors are taking their time as to not screw things up.

Yes there are witness reports that point to Officer Wilson shooing Mr. Brown while he was fleeing or had is hands up.  But there are also witness reports that back up Officer Wilson's story. The video below is unconfirmed but it seems to me that the police needs to talk to the person who made the tape below before they make charges.  Other police who were there backed up Wilson's story.  They may be telling the truth, they may be lying to back up their fellow policeman.  We don't know but the mainstream media seems to know.

It's very interesting that the same mainstream media afraid hurt terrorists feelings so they call them militants, already have Officer Wilson convicted.   They ask why wasn't he arrested yet.  Perhaps the evidence isn't there yet.  The residents of Ferguson have no idea what really happened last Saturday, and neither does the mainstream media.

Justice isn't arresting Officer Wilson, Justice is finding out the truth, , Officer Wilson may have been totally justified in the shooting and if that's the case he should be exonerated. On the other hand he may have been totally wrong and if that's the case he should be arrested, tried and thrown in Jail.

The media isn't doing Ferguson Missouri, Michael Brown, or Officer Wilson any favors by deciding the results of an investigation that is still incomplete.

On Monday afternoon CNN broadcast Officer Wilson's account of the story (below).  If it is true then the shooting may have been justified. But the media doesn't know what is true or not and it's about time they admit it.


Unknown said...

there were 3 bullets found in the one has said anything about any other bullets found
some of these wounds are entry exit entry wounds cause by the same bullet
just because there SEEM to be 6 entry wounds, does NOT mean there were 6 bullets shot
must check the policeman's gun

Unknown said...

Even if the shooting was justified, it excuses neither the Ferguson PD's CYA-esqua handling of the matter, nor the rioting, nor the militarized response to the rioting (e.g., mall ninjas in camouflage aiming sniper rifles at crowds from the roofs of APCs).

Unknown said...

Dude, you really cant be that simple minded can you? There should have been zero rioting, thus negating the need for a militarized response from the cops. And if the cops had actually done their job, then average mall ninjas wouldnt have had to step up and protect their property from the rioting animals. all of this should have never happened, from the original theft by mr brown to what is going on now.

Unknown said...

Let's wait to see if a picture of the bullet hole in the cop car surfaces.....