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Monday, August 18, 2014

CNN Confirms Officer Wilson's Friend Gave Accurate Account To Dana Loesch on Friday

On Friday a friend of Officer Darren Wilson called into syndicated "The Dana Loesch Show" on radio giving the officer's account of the Michael Brown shooting. CNN's Don Lemon spoke to people close to the investigation who confirmed that the radio story was the same as the one Officer Wilson gave to investigators. If Wilson's account is true the shooting of Michael Brown may have been justified.

This is the phone call with Officer Wilson's friend.


Unknown said...

Wow. This thing has just exploded tonight because of this phone call to Loesch's show. It's all over Fox News now.

Loesch is going to become a superstar over this.

Unknown said...

"facts is lies"

Unknown said...

There maybe some truth to this. CIA is secretly training up rebels in Jordan to fight Syrian dictator, but instead of going into Syria, they go into Iraq. So Obama's policy of trying to dispose Arab leaders backfired