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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Audience Boos Democrat Sen.Jeanne Shaheen For Being Rude At NH Candidate's Forum

The collapse of the incumbent Sen.Jeanne Shaheen's campaign continued Sunday morning at a candidate's forum taking place at Reform Synagogue Temple Adath Yeshurun. The heavily liberal crowd (Reform Jews tend to be the most liberal skewing Jews) booed the incumbent and called her rude after she interrupted Republican Scott Brown during his concluding remarks:

She’s voting against small business 100 percent of the time. She’s got a zero rating from the National Federation of Independent Business, I received their endorsement, but not only them but from the Chamber of Commerce because—“Brown was saying when Shaheen cut him off saying: “Koch Brothers funded organization.”

The audience at the forum yelled at Shaheen, saying she was “rude” and booing her for trying to silence Brown. Shaheen had already presented her conclusion during which brown was silent.

Brown took control of the situation “No, I'd like to defer to Sen. Shaheen," he said, calming the boos from the audience.

Shaheen replied., “I think you objected to my saying that. And given the support you’ve gotten from the Koch Brothers, I don’t know why you’d object to my saying that.”

“Well, because I was closing, and I gave you the courtesy to allow you to speak,” Brown retorted to the cheering of the audience.

Shaheen must be getting a bit desperate the race is tightening and she lost the first two debates by a huge margin.

H/T Weekly Standard


Unknown said...

Responses to this vapid "ZOMG KOCH BROS!!" argument should be met with socratic questioning "What's wrong with Koch brothers' funding?" The answer will be the normal leftist bilge about big money donors being The Most Evil Thing Ever, followed by interrupting them to point out the money she's received from big money liberal donors like Soros or Steyer.

Either that or skip the questioning part and get straight to the liberal donor part. The bottom line is, DON'T PLAY DEFENSE.

Unknown said...

Ah yes, the Koch Brothers, those no good rotten SOB's that are engaged in a global conspiracy to let you keep more of your money and make government leave you alone. Evil most foul.

Unknown said...

Don't forget their sinister funding of the arts and hospitals.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Under normal conditions that's a good counter to the Koch argument, but during the closing statement of the debate you don't want to engage conversation with an opponent when their time is already up.

Unknown said...

My friends and I have been contributing small amounts to a number of candidates in close races. If the Republicans gain control over the Senate, we are going to call ourselves honorary Koch brothers.