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Friday, December 19, 2014

Fun Catfight: Whoppi vs. Rosie Fight About 'Is America Racist?'

As we learned earlier this week, America is so "racist" that short white people feel justified in asking for Michelle Obama’s help reaching high shelves at Target. Well either that or any short person will ask the closest tall person to get something off the top shelf (it has happened to me often and I'm white). 

Anyway this incident spurred a discussion (OK a fight) on The View regarding whether or not America was a racist nation, Rosie O said we are, Whoopi said no and a white woman shouldn't tell a black woman what is racist.

It doesn't get real heated til the 5:50 mark but the entire segment is worth watching.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

There's what's called a "planted axiom" in this theory, viz., that "climate change deniers" secretly believe it's true. But that's all she's got - when you can't get what you want, call your adversary a racist. Hmmmm..let's it! "It's all well and good for people in NY to ignore global warming, but how about the poor people at the equator??" That's it! Hot damn!