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Friday, January 30, 2015

Report: Obama Has Already Given Iran 80% Of What They Want.

Israel's Channel 10 has reported that Israeli officials are convinced the Obama administration has already agreed to most of Iran’s demands in the P5+1 negotiations over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.
According to unnamed officials, Washington “has given the Iranians 80 percent of what they want” out of the negotiations, Channel 10 is reporting.

Jerusalem officials appear alarmed at the prospect that the United States will soon strike a deal with the Iranian regime that will leave it with a “breakout capacity” of months during which it can gallop toward a nuclear bomb.

The practical significance of the American compromises in the talks is that Iran will be permitted to keep over 7,000 centrifuges, enough for the Iranians to produce enough enriched material to sprint toward the bomb within a matter of months.
This report seems to agree with last week's senate testimony of Deputy Secretary of State Anthony Blinken who admitted the White House is no longer negotiating stop Iran from breaking out to nuclear weapons, only to get a better "alarm" if the rogue nation tries to make the leap.

It is that belief driving Netanyahu's acceptance of Speaker Boehner's invitation to speak to Congress.

That may also be the reason why the Obama administration does not want congress to vote on any nuclear agreement with Iran. The constitution requires the Senate approve each treaty with a two-thirds vote. However if the agreement does not bind a future presidency it isn't considered a treaty and thus does not need Senate approval. And that is exactly what the administration intends on doing.
Channel 10 reported that Netanyahu spoke to a number of Democratic lawmakers in Congress. The premier sought to assuage their concerns that the Israeli leader was using his speech before a joint session of the house in order to undermine Obama’s foreign policy.

Netanyahu’s scheduled speech sparked an uproar in Washington, with Democrats accusing House speaker John Boehner of inviting the premier to speak before Congress as a means of whipping up opposition to the Obama administration’s talks with Iran.

Sources in Jerusalem told Channel 10 that the prime minister views the Iranian nuclear issue as one of paramount importance for Israel’s security. The urgency of the matter – and not partisan politics - is what motivated Netanyahu to violate diplomatic protocol and accept the Republican leadership’s invitation to address the Congress on the need for more sanctions against Iran, Channel 10 quotes officials as saying.
If nothing changes, when a new sanctions bill is brought to the Senate floor in late March it will have the 68 votes it needs for a veto-proof majority, 16 of those votes will be Democratic Senators. The Democratic 16 include the 10 who earlier this week sent a letter to Obama informing him of their support of additional sanctions (Menendez, Schumer, Blumenthal, Peters, Casey, Cardin, Coons, Manchin, Donnelly, Stabenow), the three not on the letter who supported the bill in Thursday's committee vote (Tester, Heitkamp Warner), and three who cosponsored the same bill when it was proposed by the Senate in the previous Congress.
“It is possible to solve procedural problems related to my appearance in the United States,” he said, “but if Iran obtains nuclear arms that is something that will be a lot more difficult to solve, and that is what we are opposed to and are focusing on.”

“We are in a continuous struggle with Iran which is opening new fronts against us, which is engaged in terrorism in the Middle East and throughout the world,” Netanyahu said. “This is the same Iran that the world powers are now working toward an agreement that would leave in its hands the ability to develop a nuclear bomb. That is an agreement we are opposed to.”
Bibi's trip is not about politics as the liberal media claims, it's all about the safety of all Israeli  citizens.


Unknown said...

EVERY American should think back to this meeting with John McLaim >>>

Unknown said...

If you are going to kill a snake you should
kill it when it is small.If Israel wants to survive it should go after Iran before it has a bomb and clean its clock. Israel could defeat Iran on its own. I'm guessing that the reason Israel has not gone after Iran is it thinks it must or should have America's backing. However, that day may have come and gone. We don't need another holocaust and shame on Israel if it lets it happen, and shame on America if Israel or any ally has to feel that it is alone when facing a regime run by madmen.

Israel should know that an ally of America has America's backing. This does not mean we should give Israel a blank check as when the Austrian Hungarian Empire was told by Germany that it could bully Serbia and not have to fear Russia; but America should treat Iran as if it is a bad guy with a short lease, one that is getting shorter by the hour. But Obama acts as if Iran is just misunderstood, and that he can make the Mullahs behave by applying charm. I would guess those old polygamists with child brides are laughing behind Obama's back.

Unknown said...

How does Israel have more information on it that congress? Who is really running our country?

Unknown said...

The US will do whatever Israel says. The US will approve and back any thing Israel does. Their lobby is the most powerful in the US.

Unknown said...

Obama is famous for stabbing allies in the back. His wordlwiew is to be nice to enemies on the delusion this will make them friends and to betray friends on the assumption that it doesn't matter.

Unknown said...

Obama has been giving into Iran for years. And the bloody results can be seen from Iraq to Syria to Yemen all the way to Libya. He is not negotiating, but capitulating. Iran has not changed its bellicose behavior one bit. It continues to wage war against Israel by proxy and yet Israel in Obama's desperate mind is the obstacle to peace. This would be a farce if the results were not so predictably tragic.

Unknown said...

Obama operates from the assumption of America's guilt for the ouster of Mossadegh - as if aggressively defending our interests by projecting power through sometimes questionable means wasn't within the purview of any major power.

So, now he acts as if Iran is merely a regional power with a millennial civilization and a local source of uranium, which has the natural pretension of a country of its size to go nuclear - and that that is all.

Well, plenty of countries the size of Iran aren't nuclear, but far more importantly, Iran wants to obliterate Israel and convert all Sunni to Shia; all to hasten the arrival of the hidden Imam. As far as the Iranian theocratic leadership is concerned, if a few dozen million Iranians, and others of the Sunni schism of the Ummah are obliterated during Israeli retaliation, that's fine; Israel itself will be toast, never to rise again. I don't think they even care about all the Palestinians that will be incinerated in the process, or all the Lebanese and Jordanians that will die of radiation poisoning. That's why Iran is dangerous.

Unknown said...

Not obama he thinks theiy are our allies

Unknown said...

Thanks Lid. I'd knew I'd finally get the complete story here.

Unknown said...

Six years ago Iran started out with less than 300 centrifuges, they now have in excess of 18,000; now that is what is called hard negotiations!

Unknown said...

Then was then and now is now; it was so before Obama!