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Thursday, July 16, 2015

AP-GfK Poll: Hillary's Favorability PLUMMETS /Trump WAY Underwater

Yikes! Team Clinton is going to be working overtime because the boss can't be happy.

In an AP-GfK Poll  (embedded below) released on Thursday morning Hillary Clinton's favorability numbers amongst all U.S. adults have gone under water...big time! The lousy numbers seem to be driven by a Americans' lack of trust in the former Secretary of State. On the GOP side most of the candidates are relatively unknown indicating room for large swings in approval. 

Except for Ben Carson all of the  GOP candidates were also underwater. But with the exceptions of Trump, and a to a lesser extent Bush the Republicans are relatively leaving much room for growth.

Hillary's favorable numbers were pretty consistent from end of March 2014 through end of April 2015. But in the past three months the probable Democratic Party nominees' favorable numbers dropped by 7% from 46% to 39%, and unfavorable jumped from 41% to 49%.

Joining Clinton's favorability slide were drops in people who thought she is decisive. From 56% in April 2015 to 47% in the latest poll. Americans believing she is honest dropped from 37% to 31%, inspiring from 44% to 37%

Looking at the chart below where the candidates are ranked from the lowest "don't know enough" percentages to the most unknown Trump numbers are much worse than Clinton's, his unfavorable numbers are 30% higher than his favorable ones and his ceiling is a relatively low 12%. Bush is only 13% underwater with only 23% not knowing the former Florida gov.

Each of the other Republicans aren't well known by Americans. Even N.J.'s Christie who should have wide recognition after leading the field two years ago was unknown to a third of Americans.

For most the GOP candidates the only thing consistent is the fact that they aren't well known, meaning that most polls showing head to head numbers either with Hillary or the other Republicans must be taken with a grain of salt because as they become known their will be huge swings up and down.

The below is the entire AP-GfK poll. Please not once again that it reflects total adults rather than voters or likely voters.

Bad News For Team Clinton by Jeffrey Dunetz

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