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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rasmussen: The First Scientific Poll Since GOP Debate Shows Fiorina Big Winner-Trump Big Loser

This afternoon, Rasmussen released its first post-GOP debate national poll, which is also the first scientific poll released since last Thursday's the chart below shows the support of each candidate in the latest poll as compared to Rasmussen's pre-debate poll. The big winners were Carly Fiorina who went from 1% to 9%, and Marco Rubio was up 5%. Also growing were  and to \ Ben Carson 3% and Chris Christie 2%.

The big loser was Donald Trump who lost about a third of his support from 26% to 17%, Scott Walker -5% and Mike Huckabee -4% also lost significant amounts.

The top tier of the GOP race has changed based on these results. Trump still leads but he has begun to fall back into the rest of the field. Bush moved into the runner-up slot as he was unchanged 10%. Rubio has leaped to third and Fiorina is now tied with Walker (who was second)  at 4th and Ben Carson.

Obviously this is only the first of national polls and it is still very very early.  It follows most of the post debate reactions with two big exceptions, I expected that Ted Cruz would go up based on his performance (he was unchanged) and that Kasich would rise also (he lost a point).

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