Saturday, September 19, 2015

'Yidwithlid' Is Dead---Long Live 'The Lid'

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Yesterday afternoon the internet moving trucks showed up at blogger packed  into the virtual truck and moved the site over to After almost ten years this site has moved to the Wordpress platform which is the best platform to operate from because it allows for the adding so many new site features for you the reader

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How The Site Looked On It's First Day Jan. 2006

Blogger was very good to me but it can best be described as the AOL of blog platforms easy to use but few features. For example there are now bigger Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons at the top of each post and even more sharing  buttons for those and other social media sites at the bottom of each post.    

The New Look in 2007
The New Look of  2007

Now the site is hosted at GoDaddy (where I was very upset to learn that web hosting does not come with a chance to meet Danica Patrick). The other news is that the new site is part of the Liberty Alliance.  For you it means immediate access to stories, pictures and other information I never had access to share before. For me it means that someone else gets to handle the ad sales freeing me up to provide you with more content.      

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This was the logo from 2010 until the end of 2014[

If you are on the mailing list there is nothing you have to do it's been done already.  If you use the the URL it will now automatically re-direct you to Lidblog.comsadly blogger does not allow one to redirect to a non-blogger site, so if you are reading this at the original blogger site please click and come over to the new home--please revise your bookmarks and if you have the site on a blogroll please revise the link to (the new site's blogroll will be up by the end of the day Sunday).

So please come visit the new site which uses a variation of the latest logo (see below) kick the tires, click on an ad or two, and tell me what you think.  It will provide the same quality of writing, but with more features as I learn the new format. As always thank you for visiting, reading, and linking to 

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The Brand Spanking New

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