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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

(Satire) Palestinians Announce Support of a TWO STATE SOLUTION

Each of the terrorist groups that run the PA has a charter that calls for a one state solution in what used to be Palestinian territory. After years of rejecting a two state solution it looks like both Hamas and Fatah are finally willing to accept a two state solution.The announcement will come in stages by the weekend the first state will probably be announced. Final declaration is awaiting the Hamas take over of the Gaza Strip. The Second State will be declared in the Fatah-controlled areas in the West Bank and will be run by moderate terrorist Abu Mazen.

The UN has announced that once these states have been declared it will condemn Israel. The date of the condemnation is unknown but inside UN sources have hinted that it will be a day ending in the letter "Y" because any day ending in the letter "Y" is a perfect day to condemn Israel.

Hamas has announced that the State formed out of the Gaza territory will be named either, "The EU Loves us" or "We are Norway's Daddy." No official announcement
of Names of the Abbas led state has been made but some of the names under consideration are "Chiraq's Cheesecakes, Koffi's Kookie Killers" and the front runner "Yassir Arafat H-I-V."

Each state will have an Independence Day Celebration attended by former US President Jimmy Carter who will throw out the first Anti-Israel Declaration setting the tone for both countries foreign policy. In a related note, both of the new countries have requested aid to build a wall between themselves and Israel. The reason for the wall is two fold, first to keep in the Palestinians who are desperately trying to escape their new governments and to keep the Shimon Peres from wandering into their countries asking "am I your president?"

(The above
cartoon reprinted with permission of the famous Mr Bones himself. For more great Dry Bones political commentary visit his blog by clicking here)

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Anonymous said...

Oh that's good. I vote for "Yassir Arafat H-I-V." hee hee

I'm looking for the new book, "Yassir Arafat's Love Life", written by his young Arab male lovers.