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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Real Reason Finkelstein Denied Tenure: He is a Sexist A**hole

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, some DePaul university student may go on a hunger strike to protest the denial of Tenure to Finkelstein and to Mehrene A. Larudee. Maybe they can kill two birds with one stone...send all of the food they aren't eating to Hamas in Gaza, that would certainly make the object of their affection happy.

Students Will Begin Hunger Strike in Support of DePaul Professors Denied Tenure

Students who staged a sit-in this month at DePaul University on behalf of two professors denied tenure said today they would begin a fast this afternoon to bring renewed attention to their cause. During two weeks of protest, the students have demanded that the university grant tenure to Norman G. Finkelstein, an assistant professor of political science, and Mehrene A. Larudee, an assistant professor of international studies.

On Friday the Illinois Conference of the American Association of University Professors sent a letter to the university’s president, the Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, echoing the students’ demands. In the two-page letter, Leo Welch, the chapter’s president, says the decision to deny tenure to the two assistant professors violated both the association’s standards and those of DePaul’s own Faculty Handbook.

Mr. Finkelstein’s alleged lack of “collegiality” appears to have been the “sole basis” for denying him tenure, Mr. Welch writes. “It is entirely illegitimate for a university to deny tenure to a professor out of fear that his published research … might hurt a college’s reputation,” he says. The association has explicitly rejected collegiality as an appropriate criterion for evaluating faculty members, and has criticized it as “ensuring homogeneity” and undermining the leadership role of colleges and universities, according to the letter.

The problem with Mr Welch's assessment was reported by Front Page this morning by Harvard's Professor Dershowitz. Apparently Mr. Finkelstein wasn't denied tenure because of his horrible scholarship...he was denied tenure because he is an A**hole

Finkelstein’s Sexism
By Alan M. Dershowitz | June 25, 2007

So now it turns out that the martyr of the academic hard left, Norman Finkelstein, was denied tenure at DePaul University not so much because of my critique of his non-scholarship, but in large part because of his overt sexism.

According to a news story in today’s Chicago Sun-Times, a report filed against his tenure by three members of the Political Science faculty “claims that Finkelstein allegedly called a female staff member a ‘bitch.’” The report also claimed that Finkelstein “shunned” colleagues who disagreed with him and that his boorish conduct extended to “dramatically closing his office door when his colleague arrives.” In addition to describing his abusive sexist behavior toward a subordinate, the report characterized Finkelstein as “mean spirit” and as “unprofessional.”

This negative report was suppressed by Finkelstein supporters who leaked other, more favorable assessments.

Finkelstein refused to comment on the newly disclosed report, just as he refused to confirm or deny that he had arranged for a neo-Nazi cartoonist to draw a picture of me masturbating in ecstatic joy at dead Lebanese civilians. He did apparently demand that the authors of the negative report provide “proof” of his use of the b-word against a subordinate, but that is his usual way of issuing a non-denial denial.

So in addition to being a Jewish anti-Semite, Finkelstein now emerges as a left wing sexist bigot who is willing to use abusive words to a subordinate. Will he still remain the darling of the hard Left now that this darker sexist side has emerged?

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