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Friday, September 28, 2007

Burning Bush? My Tush! 3,500 Year-Old Anti-Moses MoveOn vAd Found

I don't understand all the Fuss about MoveOn and their ad about General Petraus. It isn't the first time that MoveON has produced ads knocking a leader. In Fact the first MoveOn ad was approximately 3,500 years ago, it went after Moses' credibility, it appeared in the Egyptian daily paper called Pharaoh's Post (way back then the group was called MoveBack).The ad which ran at a discounted price had a huge Illustration of Moses, it said:

Burning Bush? My Tush!

First that Joseph Stole the Grain, Now Moses wants to get it the grain and all of the Egyptian gold out of the country. This war isn't about God and freedom ! No this war is about natural resources and Moses' wealth. It is Moses' war, Moses and the Hebrew Senators.

Moses is lying when he says he was given a mission by God to take those criminal Hebrews out of Egypt. Who is this Hebrew God anyway? Moses Just wants to ruin the Egyptian labor force and then move into Canaan to take the land from the Canaanites.

This war has nothing to do with Slavery--these Hebrews are not slaves. The Egyptians are just trying to make these Hebrews to work hard so they get an honest day's work for a day's pay.

This war is just about Hebrew imperialism. You won't read about it elsewhere because the Hebrew Lobby controls all of the grain storages sites and owns all of the Papyrus scrolls. It is this Hebrew lobby that pushed us into this war.

This so called messenger of God, Moses, has been massacring the Egyptians over and over ---a total of ten times. He ruins their water, crops and animals, gives them boils and turns off the electricity. The tenth attack was particularly heinous Moses, his brother and the other Israelites killed the first born of of every Egyptian family to create something called Matzo ( made from wheat and the blood of children).

Now we are on the banks of the Reed Sea. Ramses Finest, the Egyptian Police to are on their way to attack. This Moses says we will be fine---to believe him we must have a willing suspension of disbelief. We must cut off funds to this Moses guy and return to Egypt before there is more needless death.

If we don't, one day these Hebrews will cause a the War in Iraq, a great depression, bomb the Syrian desert and Spy for the New England Patriot.

Don't Let this Moses use his Burning Bush to turn us into Mush. Lets MOVE BACK !

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Phil said...

Hi Yid With Lid,

That is interesting about the Moveon ad where did you come up with that bit of information.

You asked me in the email that you sent how I came up with that find.

I subscribe to all the major News Sources RSS and Atom Feeds and go through those with my News Feed Reader. When I find one that peeks my interest I can click on the link and go directly to the source.