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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nice Speech Obama But What Took You So Long ?

I have to begrudgingly admit, that Senator Obama had an excellent performance today. Not only did he distance himself from his Pastor, but he "ripped him a new one." And he used the strongest language possible (at least the strongest language you can say in public). Since I am at work, I heard the speech on the radio, I could hear the anger in his voice.

Do I believe him though? Not yet. Listening to Obama trash Wright (and rightly so) my cynical side came out. I couldn't help myself. Take a look at the timeline.

I also listened to snippets Wright's little speech on my little XM portable. I can't tell exactly when it was done, but I guarantee you it was before. Giving the Senator the benefit of the doubt, lets say it was 11:45 AM. During lunch I read and posted the transcript of Wright's performance. Then when I was on the train home I first heard Obamas first response to Rev. Wright's hatred tour. And to be honest it was very Tepid. I was on the 6:30 train. Again to be fair lets assume that Obama had six hours between Wright at the press conference and his first response. Why Does this matter?

Today Senator Obama said that the reason he didn't give a strong response to the speech yesterday was that he hadn't heard it? Now this Wright thing is potentially a campaign crushing issue, even his supporters will admit that. Now remember, I read the speech at 12ish, and saw it on the web by 2ish. So the question is, if a schmuck like me, eating a tuna fish sandwich at his desk got to read the speech by 12 and see the speech by 2, how come the man campaigning for the most powerful job on earth didn't see it by 6ish? The guy is either lying (and that when he saw the media reaction to his tepid response decided to go for "broke"), or he has the worst campaign staff in the history of politics. Considering that the man will probably be the Candidate for President nominated by the Democratic party, I am betting on the former.


rachel said...

I don't know what game both these guys are playing (who throws who under the bus first and why)...but I am not buying either of them. It's all done for personal political expediency, which is intriniscally unreliable.

And now there are rumors that Wright is in cahoots with Hillary. Well, that seems odd...but if so, this will get even more ugly and I will enjoy it all with a cynical eye and alot of popcorn.

Dan said...

It doesn't matter if he was lying or if he has the worst campaign staff ever (remember this campaign staff would be running the White House in an Obama Presidency). Either one being true disqualifies Obama in my book.

Anonymous said...

Granny T said...
Obama took the advice of a former GOP candidate that gave some pretty good advice on MSNBC last night.

Americaneocon said...

Who knows what's up with Obama. I'm just glad the whole thing's dragging him down!