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Friday, May 30, 2008

Atlas Shrugs Took on Dunkin Donuts and WON

In the two years I have been blogging seriously, I have made some really good friends who run other Blogs, one of the Best of them is Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs. Pamela's passion for a good story and for getting out the truth is simply mind blowing. Pamela has always been a Mega blogger, but in my humble opinion this week she crossed the line into hall-of-fame superstardom. We all write these things all day and night to change the world and this week Pamela did just that (by the way nice hat).

Earlie this week Pamela broke the Dunkin Donuts story on Rachel Ray and the keffiyeh, When I first saw her post I wondered, from a marketing point of view, why would Dunkin Donuts have Rachel Ray do their ads. Lets face it, the little Porker should be doing one of those Slim Fast ads, or something for a Salad Bar. When I first saw the keffiyeh picture on Atlas Shrugs I had an Epiphany Yassir Arafat didn't really die, Rachel Ray ATE HIM.

That one Post ignited a firestorm and not only did Dunkin Donuts pull the ad but Pamela is getting credit for it all over the MSM.

Here is part of Pamela's post from today:

I am rushing back to New York to try and make a live TV interview with a broadcast news network (!)

They want to interview me on the the Dunkin Donuts story I broke on Rachel Ray and the keffiyeh, icon of the jihad. Don't know if I'll make it - it's the 5 - 6 slot. The Bostom event at AEI was incredible (but off the record - sorry guys I didn't know).

Wish me luck - don't think I'll make it to NY in time (delays at La Guardia)............story of my life

Much thanks to Debbie for giving credit where credit was due.

Check out ABC NEWS story here:

The controversial ad, which appeared earlier this month on the doughnut chain's Web site to promote its iced coffee, came under fire nearly two weeks ago when pro-Jewish blogger Pam Geller posted it under the headline "Rachel [sic] Ray: Dunkin Donuts Jihad Tool."

"Have you seen Rachel [sic] Ray wearing the icon of Yasser Arafatbastard and the bloody Islamic jihad," Geller wrote. "This is part of the cultural jihad.
Go to Atlas Shrugs here to get the whole story Here's the deal

Ms Geller, this Yid Tips his Kippah to you.