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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pictures of Nakba Rally at the UN-IT Was ALL WET

Today I spent my lunch hour watching the Nakba rally at the UN. About Three Bus Loads of American Muslims Were Sheparded into the City by (what seemed to be) a bunch of blond-haired, blue eyed MoveOn Types. It was supposed to start with a prayer session but no one showed by the speakers tent. See the guy all the way to the right? I asked him whether the Jews were apes or pigs cause I keep getting confused. He said neither, so I told him to study harder.

I think this was
the guy that was supposed to lead the Prayer session going for a cup of Java. But he Never showed

There were maybe 150-200 people there in total Mostly Kids.
I still don't understand why most of the signs the women were carrying ha
d giant phallus symbols on them

See What I mean ?

The Flag Was bigger than the Kid

he "marchers" were protesting the "occupation" of Palestine since 1948--SURE THEY WANT PEACE

Boy the way it was raining I wish I had on of those headdresses, my Kippah

What they didn't have in numbers they made up for in.....

.....No they didn't REALLY have enthusiasm either.

Instead of a prayer session they started by marching around in a circle (No Joke) I assume this was to symbolize the fact that every time Israel tries to make peace the Palestinians circle back to terrorism.

Notice the buses that took the kids to the rally were parked illegally?

THIS Bus was wondering what the heck it was doing there?

They finally left Dag
Hammarskjold Plaza so you could see the size of their entire crowd.

My Good Friend Pamela Ms
Atlas Shrugs was there She has Even More pictures and a video click here

The counter-rally was a Small but very enthusiastic group.

Happy Birthday Israel

My Good Friend Chaim From Freedom's Cost was there. When He passed the protesters they screamed
"Jew! Jew! Jew! I hope you die today! Chaim posted about the rally too click here Rained out on Nakba Day

Nakba Shmakba


God Bless America!

Apparently there was A Prayer session...I simply missed it.
Mary Saw it, She was at the Rally also--her Pictures Are Here

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YMedad said...

I am not familiar with the law but in Israel, everytime we have had schoolkids brought in to participate in demos, the Left claims we are doing somethibng illegal as we are taking them out of school. So, in NY it is okay to bus in kids directly from school for a demo like this? And if not, what is being done to uphold the law?