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Thursday, November 6, 2008

PC GONE WILD: Judge Bans Use Of “Illegal” and “Aliens”

This may be proof that the world is about to collapse. An Arizona Supreme court Justice (McGregor) has banned the term "illegal" and "Aliens" in all the states court rooms.

I suppose Justice McGregor's next steps is to ban the term mass murderer (to be changed to multiple heaven deliverer), burglar (non returning borrower) and three-time-loser (to multiple state dependent). You will now get traffic tickets for maintaining good acceleration (speeding), Ignoring Simon (going through a red light) and in honor of the presidental debate drinking game, DUI will now be called MY Friends.

This is just total nonsense, it is what happens when this whole political correctness thing goes crazy. Read the full story below:

Judge Bans Use Of “Illegal” and “Aliens”
Judicial Watch Blog

Arizona’s Supreme Court Justice has agreed to enforce the Hispanic Bar Association’s demands of banning the terms “illegal” and “aliens” in all of the state’s courtrooms.

Claiming that the terms are inflammatory, the president of Arizona’s Hispanic Bar Association, (known as Los Abogados) has asked state Supreme Court Chief Justice Ruth McGregor to stop using them at trials or hearings because they create perceptions of judicial bias.

In a strongly worded letter to the chief justice, Los Abogados’ president says attaching an illegal status to a person establishes a brand of contemptibility, creates the appearance of anti-immigrant prejudice and tarnishes the image of courts as a place where disputes may be fairly resolved.

It further points out that no human being is illegal and that a national Hispanic journalism association has roundly criticized the reference for dehumanizing a segment of the population. The letter goes on to criticize the state’s High Court for using the term “illegals” in at least two opinions and the term “illegal aliens” in dozens of others.

It concludes with a list of acceptable and unacceptable terms relating to illegal immigration. Among those the group wants banned are; immigration crisis, immigration epidemic, open borders advocates, anchor babies and invaders. Among the acceptable terms are foreign nationals, unauthorized workers and human rights advocates. Click here to see the entire list as well as Chief Justice McGregor’s promise to enforce the requests.

UPDATE: Bernie Planck says the Judge has reversed the decision, CLICK HERE to see his report


TexasFred said...

Somehow, I just don't think this judge thought his decision through..

If you can't call illegals illegals, and if you can't call aliens aliens, that leaves you with your choice of REALLY unPC slurs, you know??

Beaner, wetback, things like that?? I'll bet you the judge just wouldn't see ANY humor in that... LMAO...

Anonymous said...

What does a courtroom have to do with the term "illegal" anyway. There is no place in Obama's new America for any "illegal" to be mentioned in a court of law lest it offend someone.

How cruel we were to some people before this judge had enough uncommon sense to impose his personal, unpopluar and insane views on his court room to alievate any discomfort people
like himself could have with the word "illegal!"

Join the Romney Revolution for Real Change 2012, not Obama's chump-change-in-your-pocket!

bernie said...

Just FYI, I linked to your article. However, it seems the judge is now denying it, see Nothing Wrong with Using Wetback in Court