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Thursday, July 2, 2009


Through an arraignment with the folks At Wikio Yidwithlid was able to obtain the July Rankings for Political Blogs a few days before they are released (7/5). See Below.

Huffington kept the top position but NRO's the Corner was able to move up one spot to number 2. One of my favorite blogs, Hot AIR moved into the top ten (although personally I think it should be a bit higher).  With the inclusion of Michelle Malkin at 7, it means Ms. Malkin owns two of the top ten Political Blogs, an amazing feat.

Others moving up are some Sammy Favorites such as Gateway Pundit and Newsbusters. My Good Friend Pamela at Atlas Shrugs stayed in the top third at 32.

For those of the Liberal Persuasion Fivethirtyeight moved up to the top ten possibly taking readership from the Daily Kos which dropped down 4 spots.

Other notable leaps forward include Americablog (from 35 to 22),and The Blog from the Weekly Standard which moved from 48th to 37th, continuing its meteoric rise that coincided with the the hiring of blogging superstar Mary Katharine Ham.

My Mother's favorite blog, Yidwithlid, moved up one spot to 75.

On July 5th Wikio will have the full listing with commentary of the July top 100 HERE, but till then you can see the listing of the top 100 WIKIO Political Blogs below:

1The Huffington Post
2The Corner
3Think Progress
4The Daily Dish
5Political Ticker - CNN
6Political Punch
7Michelle Malkin
9Hot Air
12Gateway Pundit
13Political Animal
15The Caucus - New York Times blog
16Daily Kos
17Crooks and Liars
18Talking Points Memo
19Power Line
20White Blog Feed
21Michael Goldfarb - The Blog - The Weekly Standard
23The Plank
24Glenn Greenwald
25The Volokh Conspiracy
26Reason Magazine - Hit & Run
27Balloon Juice
28Marginal Revolution
29The Note
32Atlas Shrugs
34Washington Wire -
35Jihad Watch
36Political Wire
37The Blog
39Don Surber
40George's Bottom Line
41The Jawa Report
42Lynn Sweet
43Patterico's Pontifications
44The Next Right
46forward movement
48The Washington Note
49FP Passport
51Outside the Beltway
52Michael J. Totten
53Riehl World View
54Stop the ACLU
56Redstate - Conservative News and Community
57Sweetness & Light
61The Nation Blogs
62Flopping Aces
63Global Voices Online
64Debbie Schlussel
65The Buzz Florida Politics
67Oliver Willis
69Gay Patriot
70Capitol confidential
71Roger L. Simon
72Confederate Yankee
73Open Left
74American Power
75YID With LID
78The Belmont Club
79The Club for Growth
80The Brad Blog
82News Hounds
83Election Law
84the albany project
85Little Green Footballs
86Soccer Dad
87Say Anything
88Mother, May I Sleep with Treacher?
89Founding Bloggers
90The Anonymous Liberal
91Burnt Orange Report
92The LRC Blog
93The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney
96Obama HQ
98Rightwing Nuthouse
99Jack and Jill Politics
100Sister Toldjah

Ranking by Wikio.


Carol_Herman said...


There's a better list out there. It starts with DRUDGE. He got billions and billions of hits.

And, where's Instapundit?

Plus, you can find Yid With Lid on FREE REPUBLIC. (Which is a link available at DRUDGE.) I'd bet lots of people find some of their favorite sites, this way.

fester said...

@ Carol ---
Wikio is not a hit-counter algorithym. Instead it uses an incoming link system to determine influence, which thankfully benefits me at the Newshoggers #95 this month. A good day for us is about 1,000 hits but those 1,000 hits are disproportionally very high influence hits that are massively overweighed in terms of influence as we'll get more than our fair share of trackbacks from much larger and influential liberal bloggers on a fairly consistent basis.

Wikio is looking more at who is driving the conversation(s) instead of who is being read. Both types of metrics are valuable, but they measure notably different things.