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Thursday, July 2, 2009

How Obama Uses Czars to Circumvent the Constitution

Originally, the title Czar (derived from Caesar) meant Emperor in the European medieval sense of the term, that is, a ruler who claims the same rank as a Roman emperor. The title of Czar is being used by the President of the United States, to turn himself into a new Caesar.

Our founding fathers wanted the to protect the United States against too much power being placed in one person so they built checks and balances into the constitution.  Presidential appointees reported to the chief executive but with the advice and consent of congress. Appointees were approved by Senate, and once approved had to answer the questions of both houses.

While other president's have appointed "Czars" none have appointed the number of Czar's that Obama has named-at last count we are up to 28. The reason for all of the Czar appointments is to circumvent the Constitution and create and imperial Presidency.  These Czars do not have to be approved by the Senate, nor do they have to answer questions posed by congress.  President Obama creates these Czars to hide policy and to back away from the pledge of transparency he made during the early days of his presidency:
Czarred And Feathered

Government: It's been suggested that the White House has more czars than the Russian Romanov dynasty. Has the administration forgotten that we have a government of elected officials, not of imperial appointments?

Czars, or functionaries with the task of ensuring White House commands are followed, have been part of the U.S. government for decades. It's unclear, though, how many are in this administration, as it is not an official title. from the St. Petersburg Times believes the count has swelled to as many as 28 under President Obama.

Many of these czars, most of whom are useless or counterproductive, are sitting in newly created positions. They range from Kenneth Feinberg, the pay czar who is the special master on executive compensation, to Earl Devaney, who, as the stimulus accountability czar, will chair the Recovery Act Transparency and Accountability Board. Others among the 28 include:

• Green jobs czar. This post is held by Van Jones. Officially he is Obama's special adviser for enterprise and innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

Jones was a founder and leader of Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement. The group, now disbanded, had Marxist, Leninist and Maoist influences.

Jones admitted that he became a communist and radical after the officers accused of using excessive force on Rodney King were acquitted. He's supposedly a reformed anti-capitalist, but not everyone is convinced.

• TARP czar. Herb Allison is assistant secretary of the Treasury for financial stability. There's nothing alarming in his background, but there should be concerns about the position he's filling.

• Great Lakes czar. Cameron Davis is a special adviser overseeing the EPA's Great Lakes restoration plan. He's president of the Chicago-based Alliance for the Great Lakes conservation group.

• Science czar. John Holdren is an ideologue who frets over global warming (junk science) and is a pessimist (in 1980 he thought the world was running out of natural resources) and misanthrope (he's favored population control).

• Climate czar. Before Todd Stern was appointed, he was a senior fellow at the left-wing Center for American Progress. His empty rhetoric on global warming can hardly be distinguished from that of Al Gore.

• Car czar. Ed Montgomery, a University of Maryland dean, economist and a Labor Department deputy secretary in the Clinton administration, is director of recovery for auto communities and workers. He's no raving leftist, but he is discharging a duty the government should never have.

• Guantanamo closure czar. Danny Fried has the duty of overseeing the closure of the military detention center at Guantanamo Bay. The longtime diplomat has to navigate the fulfillment of Obama's promise to shut down Gitmo, a promise that helped get Obama elected but was always foolish.

• Faith-based czar. Dare we say that Joshua DuBois, director of the Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, is a community organizer? The 26-year-old pastor worked for Democratic Congressmen Rush Holt of New Jersey and Charles Rangel of New York.

• Urban affairs Czar. The White House has a director of urban affairs — Adolfo Carrion Jr. — but no czar for rural affairs. What does that say about how this administration values country folks?

• Regulatory czar. Obama wants to fill this post with Cass Sunstein, the Harvard law professor who has suggested "that animals should be permitted to bring suit, with human beings as their representatives," against people in our civil court system. Sunstein would likely do a fine job of regulating the country into paralysis.

The growth of a czarist regime is not healthy in a representative republic. When the executive branch isn't checked by the Supreme Court, which shouldn't let the president make fiat law, and Congress, which constitutionally confirms or denies a president's nominees for "public ministers," a risky imbalance of power arises.

Someone who considers himself a defender of the Constitution — say Robert Byrd, the West Virginia Democrat who believes presidents intentionally try to bypass Congress by naming czars — should challenge the administration in court.

The White House shouldn't be center of a dynasty.

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Carol_Herman said...


What's been in it for Israel? I ask this because it seems Arik Sharon thought "better borders" brought something. Otherwise, why so much energy expended in playing these diplomatic gains?

What's the bad news? Is Israel really having trouble hanging onto citizens? Does the country have to shrink to fit its size?

In other words, you knew about James Baker. You knew Shamir, in retaliation to Baker, would purposely build a settlement, in response to Baker's calls on limitations.

From the good news, if you want to call it that, it comes down the pike because Obama is such a klutz. And, of course, the Iranian people have been so brave.

We're probably going to be in four very slow years; with a progressively worse Depression forecast.

For the life of me I can't see that syria has made any gains, except one. It's no longer punished for terrorizing Lebanon.

And, Egypt? Will the Mubarak family survive Mubarak? He's a very old man.

I don't think Obama gets what he wants. But what I don't know is this: What do the Israeli politicians want? Why has this game gone on for so long without explanations? In sports, you're given rules. Or all the ball passing wouldn't make sense.

You know the rules behind the "2-State-Solution?" I just thought it was Dubya, satisfying the Saud's. While never admitting the Saud's have been the cause of America's problems. Including, 9/11.

It's not that things can't stay hidden. JFK was shot, the way Lincoln was. By an INTERNAL CABAL. And, all of them got away with it. Leaving one putz to take the blame. And, history? To build her myths.

The Likud Party isn't strong enough to stand on it's on right leg. Just as Labor colapsed; and so, too, perhaps? Kadima.

Where is the truth? When will the truth seep through?