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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NEW POLL: Likely Obama Supporters Losing Trust in President

Gallup, Rasmussen, Washington Post, USA Today all published polls indicating that the approval of the President and his policies are way down. Now a Public Strategies Inc./POLITICO poll, is echoing their sentiments. What makes this poll significant is that it was done completely on-line. In my 30+ of marketing experience, I have learned that on-line surveys tend to be filled out by younger people, and those who live in more urban populations (rural areas don't have the same internet penetration nor do they use the internet as much). Younger, more urban voters is the President's breadbasket, so this loss of support may very well be amongst his more loyal voters.

More than a loss in Job approval, this poll show a loss of trust in the President.The number of Americans who say they trust the president has fallen from 66 % to 54%, those who say they do not trust the president has jumped from 31 to 42%.

The Democratic Party has also taken a major hit, only 42% of respondents report that they trust the Democrats, vs. 52% who don't, an inverse of March’s survey, in which 52% trusted the party and 42 % did not. The GOP also lost support from 40% percent in March to 36% in the new poll.

Other key findings include:
  • Only 44 percent of those polled said the federal government is headed on the right direction.
  • Only 32% of Americans trust that the federal govt. will manage finances responsibly.
  • 45% feel that the Porkulus stimulus plan will have a positive effect on economy
  • A plurality of voters, 40%, feel that that a government managed health plan will make the health care problem in the country worse, 44% say that it will increase the cost of health care.
  • Almost 2/3rds of voters (63%) think that Obama will raise their taxes
Based on the methodology these voters polled are more likely to be supporters of President Obama, and their uncomfortableness with the President and his programs does not bode well for his programs. The real question is, does he care?

To read the entire study Click Here Poll: Public losing trust in Obama

1 comment:

Brett Rogers said...

If politicians acted to protect our liberties rather than to make our decisions for us, trust would be higher. The survey shows that public trust in all politicians slips. As it should, given the way in which they operate today.

Election 2010? No. Ejection 2010.