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Monday, August 2, 2010

Barney Frank Threw Maxine Waters Under the Bus

Now that Maxine Waters has been officially indited we have learned that the weasel from Massachusetts that not only did Barney Frank help her to get the Tarp help for her husband's bank, but he then thew her under the bus, and takes the official position of I told her so.

According to a  report  released today by the Office of Congressional Ethics (the House Ethics committee) Waters had confided to Frank that OneUnited bank was coming to her for help, but that she felt conflicted because of the financial interest of her husband, Sidney Williams. It is against House rules to use one's power as a member for personal financial gain.

"She knew she should say no, but it bothered her,'' the report said, recommending that the House Ethics Committee take formal action.

Frank told the committee that he offered to Waters that he would take care of it for her.
"I said, look, it's a Boston institution. You should stay out of it. It's a legitimate constituency thing for me. You should stay away from this. It's a legitimate thing for me to do, and you shouldn't be involved,'' Frank told the Globe, recounting his conversations with Waters.
Frank then helped his Congressional colleague out and directed his staff to make OneUnited eligible for TARP funds, behavior that while sleazy because the bank was in trouble because of other violations and probably should not have received tarp funds, apparently it was not unethical.
"I was never a subject of the investigation,'' Frank said, adding that he turned over many documents and e-mails to assist the panel in its inquiry.
At the same time that Frank's staff was helping out Waters, the Congresswoman was meeting  the treasury department to help help her husband's bank out which is what got her in trouble.  The word is that Waters' defense will be that she wasn't trying to help her husband's bank specifically she was trying to make sure that the Treasury Dept. took care of all minority-owned banks.  Not a very believable story, but who knows what gets by Congress these days?

Either way Barney Frank is being shown for what he is...a slimy weasel. 

Source of Story The Hill

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george11 said...

Barney Frank has been feeding off the public trough too long. There are two Republicans in the primaries running against him. Hopefully the folks in newton and others in his district wake up and toss the naive out.