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Friday, November 16, 2012

Why We're Asked NOT To Say Where HAMAS Rockets Have Landed

Part of Yesterday's IDF Blogger's briefing sounded like this:
Q: Where did the rocket hit, if not Tel Aviv?
A: The rocket didn't land in Tel Aviv.
Q: Where?
A: The launch didn't reach its destined area. I can't disclose anything further.
In fact all throughout yesterday,  bloggers, tweeters, and Facebook friends of Israel were reminded by our IDF contacts  not to say exactly where rockets have landed or even when/where alert sirens have blared.  They way this has been handled by bloggers such as myself who are trying to keep people informed of what is going on in Operation Pillar of Defense, is to refrain from giving those locations until after they have appeared in the Israeli media.

I have been asked by many why this strange request. After all, in these times of worldwide communication, internet reports, and cams, wars are reported on a "real time basis."

In the case of the terrorist rockets its a bit different.  The Hamas rocket aiming systems are not great.  So using the US as an example, if a Hamas rocket was sent to NYC (God-Forbid) aimed toward Manhattan but hit in the middle of some park in Queens and was reported on a real-time basis, it would give them information to target better.  "Only Queens?  Hey Achmed a little to the right!"

The siren and landing reports are helping  the terrorists hone their aim, making it a bit easier to target/kill civilians.

Another way people have been giving too much information is how they report the buildup of IDF troops as they mass before a possible land invasion. Its one thing to say the troops are building outside of Gaza, and its something totally different reporting that you saw a tank moving down main street at 3pm.  Obviously giving troop movements are a huge no-no as that information can tell Hamas where (and when) a land action may be coming.

So if a site is saying rockets have hit Tel Aviv it indicates one of three things; it's a false report, it's a true report and the news source is helping the terrorists aim, or the news have already been reported in the Israeli media.  Avoid reading (and passing along) the first two as you may be helping the terrorists take innocent lives.


DeeDee Wilson said...

Jeff, this would seem to be intuitively obvious, but it appears that many people who have a serious problem with the 'Hey, look at me! I know important stuff!', give no thought to how their tweets, cell phone photos and videos are performing as 'forward observers' for the HAMAS enemy in Gaza. It should take only a tiny amount of thought to realize that keeping their mouths shut and their fingers off the 'Send' key is the patriotic thing to do. As you point out, once the IDF and the government release specific information, then others may do so as well.

Keep up the good work.

Right Truth said...

Rockets from Gaza seek to strike the Knesset, video, Arabic, only about 300 hits so far

Right Truth

Unknown said...

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