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Monday, January 7, 2013

Light Posting-Sorry

Folks it was nothing very serious but I spent much of the weekend in the Hospital because my knee blew up to the size of watermelon (and we know those are out of season). Between the pain and lack of sleep (not to mention the percoset) posting has been pretty difficult.

I just came back from Orthopedist who drained my knee and shot it full of steroids--I should be much better please bear with the light posting past few days. Tomorrow the site will be back up at full speed.


Right Truth said...

Feel better. Percocet, makes me nauseated thinking about it. Take care and follow doctor's orders.

Right Truth

Larry Sheldon said...

Prayers for relief and recovery.

Emil J Milano said...

Get well soon, Buddy! From the God & Country USA crew.