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Monday, January 14, 2013

Mark Levin On Obama Presser "The Constitution Was NOT Up For Vote"

Mark Levin was interviewed by Meghan Kelly today and unloaded on the president's threat to handle gun control by executive fiat. It was classic Levin who knows more about the constitution than anyone in the Obama administration for sure.

The video below is a much watch (if you cannot see video below--please click here)  my friend Peter "DaTechGuy" wrote in one of his latest posts
Before you of the left start to celebrate the impending disarming of your enemies let me ask a simple question:

If this or any president can restrict the 2nd Amendment by executive order doesn’t that mean this or a future president can do the same to the 1st?

If you don’t understand this then you simply don’t get what America is all about.

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