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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Obama Calls For Fixing Sequester--WITH SPENDING?!?!

Maybe I am missing something here but isn't Obama trying to fix the automatic spending cuts which were his idea as part of last year's budget ceiling deal? Then why did he allow for the crafting of a fiscal cliff deal which raised taxes, then spent all that new revenue plus another almost $4 trillion in spending? Why is he bloviating about even more spending today?
  President Barack Obama Wednesday called for a $50 billion investment in U.S. infrastructure to create jobs and keep the country competitive.

With most of the focus in Washington on the half a trillion dollars in across-the-board spending cuts scheduled to become law on March 1, the White House said in a statement that the president is proposing a "fix-it-first" policy in which existing roads, bridges and airports would be repaired before new projects are developed.

"Repairs and maintenance of our existing roads, bridges and public transportation systems should take priority before we consider investing in new facilities," the statement said.

The proposal includes investing $40 billion in "the most urgent upgrades."
Wait a second! Wasn't that what the $800 billion+ stimulus bill was for? Weren't they part of those "shovel-ready" projects?  If people don't realize this is another Obama scam to build the size of government and pay off his union buddies ---there is no hope for them.  

We can't spend more money....the wallet is empty!

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